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GOP Volunteer Worries About Overconfidence

CALLER:  I love you, and this is an absolute honor to speak with you, and what I wanted to call you about is I am a bit concerned that you're being too optimistic.  I think you're projecting an image that this may end up being a cakewalk.  It's not gonna be.  

I'm an Optimist, Not a Fatalist

RUSH: There are certain aspects of human nature that don't change.  I'm also not gonna look good news in the face and not believe it.  I just don't do this.  I'm not a person who is afraid of success. 

Testimonial from Romney's Red Rocks Rally

RUSH: He's been drawing crowds like this everywhere he and Ryan go.  And I'm so glad you called and talked about it. These crowd sizes are indicative of voter enthusiasm.  They are indicative of people being engaged and involved. 

Media Ignores Obama's Libya Scandal

RUSH: The media is doing what they can to help Obama. And what they can to hurt Romney. We had a Brian Williams interview with Obama and he doesn't even bring up Benghazi! I guess we would be told, "Well, they just don't think it's a story, Rush."

Obama Campaign in Panic Mode

RUSH: When you don't have it, and you're trying to get it back is when you're grinding.  You're really struggling. You're really working it.  You're expending far more conscious effort than on those days when it just seems to be happening and flowing.  So Byron York has this headline:  "Obama Grinding in Ohio."

Morning Update: MO' Oil

US oil production is growing so fast that we’re poised to overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil producer, within the next year.


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