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Chris Matthews: Rush Always Wins... Penn State Should've Tried the PBS Elmo Strategy... Jesse Jackson Jr. Must Have Gotten His Pension...

A Dire Thanksgiving in Obamaville

RUSH: I have it here in this AP story. Families are being divided by Thanksgiving.  What kind of holiday is that?  What kind of holiday is it that divides American families?... Maybe we should've just canceled Thanksgiving so that the poor don't have to suffer by seeing what other people are doing and they can't do.

Peace Update: What Hillary Gets

RUSH: In addition to Hillary securing the credit for the ceasefire, you know what else I think she gets?  A get-out-of-Benghazi jail card free.  Since Hillary brokered the ceasefire, we can't really bring the hammer down on her on Benghazi.  It just wouldn't look fair.

Caller Finds Reason for Optimism

CALLER:  I'm chirping away in his ear about what's going on with the politics and then my roommate told me in front of all of his friends that he voted Romney. He told me, came out and said it. I got through to him, Rush... It made me feel like our country is not lost, Rush.


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