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Understanding the Limbaugh Theorem: Obama Inflicts Pain for Political Gain

RUSH: The objective in business is to eliminate your competitor. Why shouldn't it be in politics? That's what he's trying to do. Our side just doesn't get it. Even as some of these people try to adapt for their own use the Limbaugh Theorem, they still don't quite get what's inspiring it... Perhaps for the first time in the history of the country, it is in the political interests of a president to inflict maximum pain on the American people. That is quite stunning. 

My Unwavering Faith in America

RUSH:  I have no reason to lie to anybody about anything. I don't run any conservative organization. I have nothing to do with the Republican Party. My only interest is having the greatest country in the history of the world and reacquiring it again and then maintaining it. I believe that only happens when you have a population of informed people pursuing excellence, fulfilling their ambition to be the best they can be.


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