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Morning Update: Solitary

The latest outrage, according to the New York Times, is that “about 300 immigrants are being held in solitary confinement” every day in holding centers run by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. These are illegal immigrants we’re talking about, something the Times forgot to mention.

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The Left Needs the Supreme Court to Rule in Favor of Gay Marriage Because the People Won't

RUSH: You know, if gay marriage in this country were voted on by the people? Fine. Okay. That's it.  But if nine guys in black robes decide that "marriage" can be defined as two people of the same sex, we're gonna have the same kind of roiling of our culture that abortion has given us. My preference would be that the court leave this alone, send it back to the people and let the people decide it.

When the Media Becomes the Story

RUSH: It wasn't that long ago where, in the case of the mainstream media, they really did not want the anchors and reporters to become news. They really didn't want them to ever become part of the story or to be the story.  Today that's out the window.  They all love it now. It's a major change.  And my prediction to you is they're gonna come to rue the day where they allowed that to happen. 


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