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Max Baucus Urged IRS to Target Conservatives, Now He's Investigating It... Sharyl Attkisson Targeted Too?... Eugene Robinson Dumps on the Regime...

Barackalypse Now? Been There, Done That

RUSH: The Daily Show is said to be the news show of young adults.  And they ran a graphic last night that we have had on our website since 2011, Barackalypse Now.  They ran it in conjunction with all of these scandals that are starting to chip away at Obama... The graphic is a little different, but the whole Barackalypse Now...

The Perils of the Social Media Craze

RUSH: I have expressed often and for a long time on this program my discomfort over this seeming desire on the part of young people to just tell everybody everything about themselves. I haven't been able to put my finger on it, but having lost my anonymity, I've got a different perspective on this.


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