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The Race to Blur Obama's Red Line

RUSH:  So, "Rush! Rush! Rush! What are we gonna do about Syria?"  Folks, you're missing the point if you think this is about Syria.  This is not about Syria.  The issue is, "What do we do about Obama's red line gaffe?"  Obama said that if the Syrians did X, it would be crossing a red line.  Well, they've done X.  According to John Kerry (Lurch), they've done X. 

Why are Feminists Judging Miley Cyrus?

RUSH: This Miley Cyrus incident from Sunday night, "twerking" on the MTV Music Awards, continues to be discussed. I ran across something today I really want to share with you about the curriculum at many (one particularly, but I'm sure at many other) universities and colleges in this country. 

Democrat Hypocrisy on Syria and Iraq

RUSH:  I got a note from somebody.  I'll run this by you and see what you think.  "Rush, I think you are making a mistake in calling out Obama on his hypocrisy or the contradicting things based on what Obama said about Bush in Iraq, what Kerry said about Bush in Iraq, versus what they're doing and saying now. Rush, the correct thing is that Obama has finally learned the way the world works."  I'm not that charitable. 


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