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Morning Update: Curious

The Associated Press, doing its part to help the Obamacare rollout, ran an article detailing what people should expect when they sign up. AP says it “might feel like a combination of doing your taxes and making a big purchase that requires research.”

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Another Journalist Joins the Regime

RUSH: Did you hear the news that Richard Stengel is leaving TIME Magazine and going over to the Regime?  I'll tell you, folks, I've mentioned it I don't know how many times. There's an incestuous relationship that exists between the Washington press corps and any Democrat administration.

Poverty in America Isn't Poverty

RUSH:  According to the report from the Census Bureau: US Poverty -- 58.2% have computers, 96.1% of those in "poverty" have televisions, and 83% have some sort of DVR.  The percentage owning refrigerators? That is 97.8%.  Gas or electric stoves? That is 96.6%.  Microwaves? That is 93.2%.  Air conditioning? Over 83%.


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