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Obama Approval Down to 43%...  Oops! IRS Failed to Account for $67M in Obamacare Costs... Walmart Cutting Orders for Christmas... Cholesterol Meds Affect Memory?... Another NFL Suicide...

If Obamacare is So Wonderful...

RUSH: Again this morning, the esteemed leader, Barack Obama, went out to some community college in the Washington area, somewhere in Maryland to sell Obamacare... He's basically out telling everybody how wonderful it is.  Well, the question is, why didn't he go to Congress a couple weeks ago and tell them how wonderful it is instead of giving them a taxpayer subsidy for 75% of their premiums? 

Is the Regime Playing Expectations Game?

RUSH:  What if the Regime is really lowering expectations by design and on purpose?  Now, this has happened before.  Let me dig deep into my memory.  During the Clinton-Lewinsky saga one day Bill Clinton was forced to testify under oath, be interviewed, interrogated by the special prosecutor.  At the end of Clinton's testimony, a story filtered out that a particular question had really upset Clinton and he had really gone nuts answering this. His eyes got wide and he was just beside himself. 

Sound Bites: Unbridled Hatred for Ted Cruz

RUSH: The unbridled hate for Ted Cruz is striking.  I think back to the Watergate days, the Nixon days.  Those of you who were not alive then or were too young in the seventies and eighties to care or pay any attention to this kind of thing, I can't describe for you how utterly despised Richard Nixon was by the Democrats of the day and the media. 


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