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Big Blob of Yellow and Green Rain Heading for EIB Southern Command... Congressional Black Caucasians Want Issa Thrown Off Committee...  Is House of Cards a Conservative Show?... We'll Discuss the Teenager Suing Her Parents Tomorrow, We Hope..

ACORN vs. KGB in Ukraine

RUSH: I have a little thing I printed here for the Stack of Stuff.  It is a picture of Reagan in Moscow -- it says 1988 -- at a summit.  He's standing outside the Kremlin, and Gorbachev is there and other Soviet officials, and there is a man disguised as a tourist with a camera around his neck.  It's Putin!  We have a top KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, versus a failed community organizer, Barack Obama.  Who do you think is gonna come out on top on this? 

Liberals Outraged by Cadillac Ad

RUSH: I'm telling you, the left is afraid of that commercial.  It's such a teachable moment here... I just love this.  It's so predictable, too.  It's so right on the money.  People are just doing us the biggest favor by telling us exactly who they are and what they resent and what they don't like.  And what is it about hard work that bothers them? 

CPAC Analysis: Cruz and Christie

RUSH: I've got some CPAC sound bites.  Governor Christie just finished speaking... Dana Bash, the infobabe at CNN, said that he got a louder applause than Ted Cruz...  National Review Online is reporting that Christie got a standing O, and, as he exited stage left, Christie said, "We don't get to govern if we don't win.  Let's come out of this conference resolved to win elections again."  Now, that can be interpreted in any number of ways.

Do Obama and Putin Share a Worldview?

RUSH: Obama doesn't think that the United States is any different than any other nation, and, if Putin wants Ukraine, then it's not for us to stop him.  But he knows that he's president, and he knows that some Americans believe that the US should be, and should play the role of, outpost for freedom and defender of liberty, so he'll go through the motions.

Obama's 1% Vacation in Jeopardy?

CALLER: They're renting five houses in this community. They are going to shut down of course the private airstrip in this community, and they're also shutting down the golf course Sunday. And it's just so ironic that he's always excoriating the 1% and they don't give enough, but he enjoys their toys and he enjoys their things that they have worked so hard to achieve and to buy.


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