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CNN: Black Boxes May Not Solve Mystery... Belgian Paper Under Fire for Racist Obama Picture... A "Conscious Uncoupling" on Goop... Sports Media Goes After Bobby Knight... Chiropractors: Cell Phone Texting Posture Could Lead to Early Death for Elderly... Coming Tomorrow: The Baby Salmon Story...

How Obama Will Blame GOP for NSA Spying

RUSH: Obama proposes a fix, absolves himself, knowing full well that adults in the House on the Republican side in no way are gonna support it.  Nobody in their right mind would support brooming the program.  But Obama proposes it and the low-information, Millennial crowd go, "Yay," and it ends up with the Republicans getting the blame and Republicans being perceived as the spy masters. 

Can Anyone Be This Incompetent?

RUSH: No back end on HealthCare.gov; no way of knowing who's enrolled; no way of knowing how many have paid.  The insurance companies have no way of collecting.  And they had three years to do this.  That is what makes it tough for me to believe that this is simply and strictly incompetence.


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