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Morning Update: Smear

Senator Carl Levin, Democrat, Michigan, released a report claiming Caterpillar has avoided paying over $2 billion in taxes since 2000 by shifting profits to a Swiss affiliate. This “report” was produced by a committee run by Democrats.

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The Democrats are Deluding Themselves

RUSH: I'm assuming that Obamacare's now golden, and that means Obama's gold. That means that Democrats are gonna be clamoring to appear with Obama and they're gonna want him with them as they campaign for reelection... Obama and the Rose Garden little shenanigans yesterday and these doctored, crazy wacko polls are a repeat of 2010... They're heading for another crash this November just like what happened in 2010.

Beneath the Dignity of the Office

RUSH: Are we gonna do this on April 15th, have a big pep rally and talk about how many people love the changes we made in the income tax system? "Look at how many people are paying their taxes today, all because of me, all right, let's have a big party."  Bogus.  It's mandatory.

Slacker Mandate: The Real Numbers

RUSH: It's another lie about Obamacare.  The point of this little research project is to say that this magic of all these kids being covered, they're not, is the bottom line.  It's a feel-good talking point. (impersonating Obama)  "And you parents, your kids are gonna be able to stay covered on your policy 'til they're 26."  But it's not happening, as best anybody can tell.  

Throwback Caller: Breast Cancer Survivor Working to Get Her Family Off Welfare

RUSH: Kudos to you. Here you are trying to gain control of your life. You want self-reliance. You want to be responsible for yourself. And you're sitting there and you're listening to somebody tout and celebrate the number of people we're getting to sign up for aid and welfare.  And you don't understand it because you're trying to rid yourself of that encumberment.


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