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Hollywood Sycophants Pay to Hang Around with Obama... Obama Destroying Businesses Faster Than They Can Be Created... Richard Sherman Signs New Contract, Bashes NFL on Redskins Nickname...

Are We Really This Powerless?

RUSH: I just think this is pathetic.  I'm just stunned.  We got 300 Nigerian girls kidnapped by an Al-Qaeda group, and nobody cared or talked about it for a while. Hillary wouldn't call 'em a terror group.  Now, all of a sudden, for some reason, we're on a big push to get 'em back and this is how...? 

Kaiser Health News Surprised by What Obamacare Will Do?

RUSH: What is noteworthy about that (and you might even say truly sickening) is that Kaiser Health News -- Kaiser -- has been one of the foremost champions of Obamacare.  They're one of the many health-related organizations and hospital groups that got in bed with Obama early on.  At the time we couldn't figure it out 'cause we were looking at it the wrong way, stupidly looking at it the wrong way. Rather than following the money, I was thinking that people would understand that what's going on was not in their best interests and would, on principle, oppose something like this.  If you are in the private health business and you got a president who wants to take over, my natural inclination is that you would stand up and oppose it.  But no! That's where I was wrong. 

Employers Describe How Obamacare is Squeezing Them

CALLER:  I have a problem.  I have a business, and I got my new insurance plan in April, and my insurance went up for my employees by $117,000.  My deductibles went from $2,000 to $5,000.  There's no way my employees can afford to do that, and I pay 75% of my employees' premium and they pay 25%.  They pay the first $1,000; I pay the rest.  I have to let employees go to pick up the difference.

Media Knew the Truth About Obamacare

RUSH: You know, darn it, Rush! I'm sorry, folks. I have been thickheaded and I haven't seen something right in front of my face on this... It finally hit me what has been bugging me about this, and it does require that I apologize to you.  The media is gaming and scamming everybody! They're acting like they just discovered this. 


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