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Morning Update: Union Blues

For 50 years, the number of union workers on the private sector payroll has been decreasing. Today, the majority of union members works for government at the local, state, or federal level. One out of every three government workers belongs to a union. In the private sector it’s one-in-fifteen.

Your Host Sets the Table for a Full Day

RUSH: You know, here's the thing about these people.  They are scared to death of any opposition.  They simply don't want to deal with it.  They call themselves tolerant. They call themselves open-minded and all this stuff, but they're the most closed-minded, bigoted people you can find, and they're scared to death of anything that's contrary to what they believe.

Are the Young Poised to Turn Right?

RUSH: This guy's point is that people born in 1998, they're too young to remember the pummeling of Bush in the media, and they're too young to really have been caught up in the Obama fever of 2008. That they have grown up and matured into their mid- to late teens and early twenties in a mess of a country, and the only president they've really known as mature people is Obama.  He's drawing a conclusion here that they're not gonna want any more of this, and they're not gonna blame Bush.  They're not gonna blame Republicans.  Republicans aren't in power. 

Regime Blames Bush for Border Crisis

RUSH: The Bush law was an effort to tamp down drug cartels' usage of these kids... But I have come to learn that what is actually being used to allow these unaccompanied children to stay once they arrive is a Bill Clinton law that's titled The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.


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