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Keyshawn Johnson Offends with Wedding iPad... Redskins Donate to Tribe, Libs Complain.... Obama Blames Congress for Everything at Press Conference...

Morning Update: Democrat Compassion

smallA Congressional hearing turned ugly late last week, when California representative Anna Eshoo called those who'd lost their heath plans due to Obamacare, "whiners." Eshoo also called a proposal to let insurers continue to offer their current plans "whining" and a "lousy plan."

Numero Uno for Over a Quarter Century

RUSH: No. 1 throughout that entire period, over a quarter of a century.  Numero uno. And you know why that is?  That's because of all of you who have been unwavering in your support of this program and have been there day in and day out and admit it when anyone asks.  I cannot tell you how much that means.

Carville Says I Called for Impeachment

RUSH: I was minding my own business last night, actually taking a break from show prep, catching up on a couple of television shows that I watch that I haven't seen recent episodes.  And I get an e-mail that says, "James Carville was just on Ted O'Baxter's show and said you came out for impeachment today. I missed that," and the reason the e-mailer missed it is because I didn't come out for it, impeachment. 

Left to Israel: Share Iron Dome with Hamas

RUSH: Folks, just to show you, we just had a caller who wanted to know why was there no coverage on the Iron Dome, the Israeli Iron Dome protecting these children from attacks by the Hamas.  I said, "One of the reasons why is it's not fair that Israel is the one who has the Iron Dome; they haven't shared the Iron Dome with the Palestinians and Hamas."  Lo and behold, a story today in the Washington Times!

Why Bring Ebola Patients to America?

RUSH: I'm going to tell you there are going to be people questioning why. And the people who question why are going to be tagged as heartless, cold, mean-spirited, uncaring, whatever. And I think just the very act of bringing those two Americans here, that is where the credit and the advancement of the Democrat agenda will be attached.


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