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RUSH: If I’ve had one person ask me, I’ve had a thousand. “What should Trump do, Rush? What can he do, what can we do, how can we stop this?”

I’m gonna tell you what I think is the best thing Donald Trump could do. Just focus on repealing Obamacare, and then focus on tax reform, and then just move full speed ahead on the domestic agenda. Make tracks. Do it obviously. Bring in people, have meetings, bring the Republicans up, the Democrats up, as the president in a room telling them: This is why we were all elected, it’s why you lost, this is what we’re gonna do. Work together to move these tax cuts forward, reform the tax code, repeal Obamacare.

None of this, “Oh, man, I don’t know, two years.” Just do it! If Trump would engage at full speed on his domestic agenda, which is why he was elected, then his people will stay with him no matter what this Obama shadow government tries. And his people is all Trump has. He doesn’t have the media with him like Obama did. He has the media trying to destroy him. Trump has his voters. There are 60 some odd million people that voted for Trump. In a Gallup poll today, 62% said they believe Trump is honest and is trying to keep his promises.

Right now, Trump is interested in foreign policy, international policy with NATO and the Middle East situation, things going on with Russia and all that. And in that we have trade issues which were a big part of the Trump campaign. But I’m telling you, folks, if Donald Trump — do not forget all this — if he just moved forth with moving that domestic agenda — if Donald Trump said, “You know, I’m seeing what you’re seeing. I’m seeing people say, ‘Well, we won’t be able to do Obamacare ’til next year.’ I myself even said that. But you know what? We’re gonna move faster.

“I’ve heard people say, ‘Tax reform? It’s gonna take a while.’ We’re gonna move on it.” Put the onus on the Congress to join him here. He was the one elected! They got elected on his coattails. There are some Republicans in the House and Senate who won on their own; I don’t want take anything away from them. But most Republicans… I’m gonna tell you straight here: Most Republicans running for either the House or the Senate expected Hillary to win. They went into Election Day thinking they were gonna be the minority party.

They went into Election Day thinking they were gonna lose.

Donald Trump won and made them the majority. They are in the majority because Donald Trump won the presidency. Donald Trump needs to get in a room with them and bring them along however he seeks to persuade them. I’m not saying he needs to read the Riot Act to them. I’m not saying he needs to wag a finger. I’m saying he just needs to remind them why we’re all here. Back to the basics. Start reliving, redoing the campaign. Move that domestic agenda for, while not forsaking anyone.

He survived an Access Hollywood video.

He survived everything.

Because it was so important to the people who supported him that he win. It was so important that he go to Washington and do what he said in the campaign he was going to do. Well, it’s time. It’s time to do it. Keep those people on your side, Mr. Trump. They will never abandon you no matter what your opposition tries. And at the end of the day, the opposition is gonna need your supporters to abandon you. And that’s what they are relentlessly seeking to do.

Not by persuading them. The media is not trying to persuade Trump supporters that Trump’s a reprobate. What they’re trying to do is persuade Trump supporters that it’s pointless to hang on. It’s pointless to support Trump because there’s no way he can survive. They are trying to get you to give up and abandon Trump, and that would isolate him. The way Trump fights all this, in my humble estimation, is full-speed ahead domestic agenda — items on which he campaigned, items that form the basis of his shocking presidential victory.


RUSH: Is that guy John in Indianapolis still there? John, great to have you on the program. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Mr. Limbaugh, hey, how are you, sir?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Fine and dandy. Great to have you with us as the world burns all around us.

CALLER: Well, I want to talk about the first part of the program where you said only 63 million people support Donald Trump. I’d like to bring up Brexit, because I believe that that number is null and void. I believe that there are a lot of Trump supporters all across the globe because of Brexit. Brexit is not a non-news story.

RUSH: Yeah, but I don’t dispute that. I know that Trump has all kinds of support all over the world, but I was talking about domestic support and the numbers that Trump would need to resist any of these efforts that are mounting up to destroy him. And when it comes to the politics of getting rid of Donald Trump, the Brexit crowd that supports him is not gonna matter to the Democrats and Republicans in this country that might someday make a move on Trump.

It’s the 63 million — and this is something, you know what? It is assumed those 63 million, if Trump goes, they’re just gonna sit home and go (crying). Let me tell you, this 63 million is a different group of people. They’re not just gonna sit idly by and watch the man they elected be shoved out of office. I’m just warning you people out there in the deep-state shadow government, you’re not dealing with who you think you’re dealing with.

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