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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Bad Politics

RUSH: I have a challenge for you Democrats. If you think supporting sanctuary cities and illegal immigration is such a big winner, why don’t you run on it in the midterm elections?

Caller’s Example of NEA Waste

CALLER: There's absolutely no limit to cost, I'm telling you. Whatever they want, they get. There's absolutely no limit. If they want this or that or catering, it's absolutely funded, no questions asked. And it's absolutely ridiculous. I felt guilty receiving my wage.

A Young Conservative Defends Milo

RUSH: If Milo were a liberal, he could say whatever and then some, and he wouldn't be addressing CPAC, he would be emceeing the Oscars.

If Trump Takes Us Back to the Rule of Law on Immigration, Exempting the DREAMers May Be a Small Price to Pay

RUSH: If we can get the strict enforcement of existing immigration law, if we can get enhanced and increased border protection, if we can start doing what we are supposed to do in defending this border, and if we can prevent amnesty from being extended to all of these adult illegal immigrants who have committed crimes or are on the verge of committing crimes or committed crimes and have been released, what have you, then the DREAMer thing may be an acceptable payoff.

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