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Big Island Caller: The Democrats Are the Death Party

RUSH: I doubt that it would be hard to find you next time I'm on the Big Island. Just gotta ask for the guy who thinks we're all being killed, and I'm sure you're known that way. You know, he says that persuasively.

The Trump Administration Is Keeping Promises

RUSH: They're moving ahead with cleaning out the barn and they're moving ahead with the wall and shoring up the border, and all the caterwauling and whining and moaning by these children in the media is not stopping Trump.

Democrats Worried About Gorsuch

RUSH: Have you heard about this secret tape where Claire McCaskill, Senator from Missouri, has been overheard speculating on Stephen Breyer maybe getting a stroke or Ruth "Buzzi" Ginsburg dying or some such thing?

Trump Doubles Down — And the Freedom Caucus Makes Him an Offer

RUSH: Wednesday, Trump unloads on the Freedom Caucus, and Wednesday night Trump unloads on the Freedom Caucus, and Thursday the Freedom Caucus says, "Okay, how about these two changes?" So is it possible that Trump calling them out is forcing them to react and make concessions? …If that's the case, then you would have to at least credit Trump and his style for showing results.

Our Questions for Evelyn Farkas

RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, during her campaign (and presumably all during), had access to the same stuff. And then the election comes, and Mrs. Clinton is humiliated in defeat and she has access.

Nunes Castigated for Being Careful with Classified Information

RUSH: Nunes is being excoriated for being very careful with highly classified material. In this case it includes the unmasked American citizens. Meanwhile, while Nunes is doing everything he can to respect the classified status of this stuff, look at Hillary Clinton who was trafficking in this stuff — this kind of stuff we're talking about. She was trafficking in this stuff, that server of hers in her basement, in Chappaqua.

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