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Rush 24/7 Morning Update: Secrets

RUSH: Over the weekend, the Daily Caller reported the sudden firing of three brothers who managed the computer systems for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. The committee handles vital intelligence secrets, including those related to the war on terror.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Reading Rush Revere

RUSH: I'll just answer our young caller from Asheville, North Carolina: It can't hurt. I think you're doing a great thing. It can't hurt just from your relationship with them standpoint, and, if there's any icing on the cake, with the historical facts and lessons taught by the Rush Revere series, I'd give it a shot.

What Could Derail Trump’s Agenda?

RUSH: As the mayor of Realville, I have to stay real, and that means I have to be prepared myself for things that are gonna disappoint me so I can react to them in the right way and not be surprised by them.

How Trump Can Ease the Putin Tension

RUSH: Trump could call Putin over there in the Kremlin and say, "Let's get together," and he takes with him a little plastic red thing that he says is a reset button. And he goes over there and has a meeting with Putin and says, "Let's reset the relationship. Let's jointly press the reset button."

The Super Bowl Wasn’t the Greatest Game Ever

RUSH: There was another playoff game — I think it was a playoff game — that featured an even greater comeback than this. The old Houston Oilers in Buffalo against the Buffalo Bills.

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