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RUSH: Yesterday was “Not My President’s Day,” right? It was Presidents’ Day for most people, but then the left had planned gigantic mobilization of protests and riots against Trump called the “Not My President’s Day.”

Here’s the headline of the Associated Press: “Thousands of Demonstrators Across U.S. Say ‘Not My President.'” But! But! If you go to the individual locations in this same story. In Chicago, several hundred rallied. In Washington, D.C., several hundred rallied. In Atlanta, dozens marched. Hundreds of protesters in Salt Lake City. But wait a minute. The headline says “thousands.” Why is this even a story? It was an abject failure! They didn’t get what they thought. They wanted to replicate what happened on the weekend after Trump’s travel ban was announced, that executive order.

They wanted to replicate that. Who told you they wouldn’t be able to do it? Who told you that they wouldn’t be able to keep this up? And who was it that mocked me for saying it on The View? That would have been the lovely and gracious (ahem) Joy Behar, asking that of Elizabeth Fauxcahontas Warren. You know what Fauxcahontas Warren said in response to the question? (screaming) “I’m gonna tell you what, Rush. We’re not gonna get tired of it. There’s no way we’re gonna get tired. You better get used to it, Rush, because here we’re and we’re not gonna tire.”

Well, the numbers are starting to deteriorate.

Either they ran out of money to pay ’em or the transportation system broke down to get ’em there or else it’s just starting to lose a little bit of its luster. And you know why it will? ‘Cause it isn’t affecting anything. Trump’s not crying. Trump’s not on TV begging them to stop. Trump’s not promising to resign. Trump’s out there trying to implement his agenda, which means he’s not paying any attention. The worst thing can happen these people is to be ignored. They talk about Milo Yiannopoulos? Fine. These people on the left and these massive riots, half of that’s “notice me.”

Half of that’s “I need my life to have meaning.” Half of that is “I need to see myself on TV.” Speaking of which, did you watch the Trump rally in Melbourne on Saturday? There were two guys sitting behind Trump’s left shoulder, and these two guys figured out they were on TV. So they spent the whole time waving and jabbing each other with the elbows as how cool they are and they started taking selfies and other pictures, and they wouldn’t stop laughing. I finally said, “I hope somebody realizes these guys are distracting everybody,” but nobody did anything to ’em. They stayed there.

It was like a couple of frat boys that got in there. They were having the times of their lives. It was just they knew they were on TV, and they did whatever they could to get noticed, which they succeeded in doing. They got noticed. I’m sure people said, “I saw you on TV at the Trump rally!” “Yeah, man, wasn’t I good? Wasn’t I?” I know how the psychology of this stuff all works. And that’s these protesters, half of them are doing this just to be noticed. But if the earth doesn’t get cooler, if climate change doesn’t change, if it doesn’t add up to anything, I guarantee you the impetus dwindles, and it’s clear that it’s already begun to happen.

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