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RUSH: Here is Karen in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. It’s great to have you here. How are you doing?

CALLER: Rush, I have to tell you, you’re second only to God in giving me hope and courage on a daily basis.

RUSH: Well, I thank you for that. I’m very flattered. I appreciate your saying that.

CALLER: And for the first time I have hope in an American president that he’s gonna come through for us. So I have a good reason today to be a little more optimistic. But I have a question for you.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: Why, why, after all these years of silence does George W. Bush feel compelled to comment on the issues of the day?

RUSH: Why do you think?

CALLER: I’m so disturbed. I’m so disturbed. All these years of Obama and he had nothing to say.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Nothing.

RUSH: Same thing with McCain. McCain has never ripped into Obama the way he rips into Trump or other Republicans. Look, I haven’t spoken to President Bush about Trump, so I’m in the same place you are with coming up with speculation to answer it. And my guess, look, I don’t think any of this is really complicated. We’re talking about the establishment of the world, not just of Washington, and the bull in the china shop over here who is trying to extricate the United States from whatever the establishment of the world has planned for the world. And they’re not happy about it at all.


RUSH: I’m sorry, folks. I should have explained what our last caller was asking about. George W. Bush was interviewed by NBC. He was on the Today show today and he was asked about President Trump’s visa suspension, the first executive order that the Seattle judge (imitating judge), “You can’t do that. You said you were gonna ban Muslims and I don’t like that so screw you, Mr. President.” Then it went to the Ninth Circus. The Ninth Circus said, “We hate your guts and we’re not gonna let you have this. So fix it your own self and then we’ll deal with the next thing you try.”

So they asked Bush what he thinks about this, and if I’m not mistaken, I don’t think he mentioned Trump by name, but he said “I wish our immigration system were more welcoming,” is what he said. I know he’s got a book out and he was there to sell it. I don’t mind that. But he did not go on television to trash Trump. He went on there to promote his book. And of course if he’s asked about it, that was his answer.

I can understand the question. All the eight years of Obama when Bush was asked repeatedly, “I don’t do that. I had my time. It’s his time now.” The protocols and the history, the traditions say that past presidents don’t comment. That didn’t work for Bill Clinton. He couldn’t help himself. Obama is not commenting, but Obama is actively engaged in the sabotage of the Trump administration, with all of these community organizing uprisings. There are 250 nationwide chapters of Organizing for Action, which is Obama’s post-presidency community organizing group.

This is who these people are. Folks, leftists don’t leave it at winning at the ballot box. If they lose at the ballot box, they force themselves on the country or society elsewhere. We take our lumps. If we lose, we say, “Okay, we gotta change. We gotta improve, come back and win the next election.” They don’t. When they lose and even when they win, because they know that they’re in a numerical minority. But that numerical minority is a vast majority of pop culture and education environments. And so they just bully their way.

And they have all these embeds in their bureaucracy and in the judiciary. So even when they lose elections they have ample positions of power occupied by career invisibles. Because, to them, government’s everything, controlling it, expanding it is everything. And it’s not to us. So they leave nothing to chance. If you reject them, “Well, screw you.” They’ll find a way to either bollix up what defeated them or just overwhelm the system with what they want anyway by bullying so many people at so frequent a time that people just give up, say, “All right, all right, okay, I’m tired,” and the left gets what they want. That’s where Trump doesn’t give up and let them have what they want. But people around Trump and some others in the world of politics do.

Now, with Bush not mentioning Trump by name clearly was referring to Trump with the question, but, folks, it’s like I said, the establishment versus an outsider. Sounds simplistic, but it isn’t. I mean, that’s exactly what’s going on here. It’s gonna be this way for four years. I’m telling you, the more success Trump has, the greater the energy poured into opposing him is gonna be. If you are thinking that at some point in these next four years that the opposition to Trump is going to lay down arms, so to speak, and join him, that’s never gonna happen.

The real leadership of the opposition is never, ever gonna do anything but continue to ramp up efforts to stop Trump or destroy Trump. Now, common, ordinary, everyday Democrats, not leftists, there may be — if the agenda gets implemented and this country starts humming on the domestic side and if jobs come back and if the economy gets up to 3% growth and is sustained and the job market expands accordingly and people’s wages go up, it won’t matter.

But if you think that people today, like Hollywood, are ever gonna sing Trump’s praises, it’s never gonna happen, folks. It’s only going to get worse. And they know it at the White House. They’re not expecting these people to be won over. That’s not why Trump’s doing anything he’s doing. They don’t expect the establishment types to one day say, “You know what? You’re right, Mr. Trump, this is great. We like what you’re doing.” It’s never gonna happen. They don’t expect that to happen.

There may be, as I say, average, ordinary everyday Americans who come home to the cause, but the leaders of the establishment and the power brokers in it and the global establishment, they’re never, ever gonna say, “You know what? We were wrong and Trump is right. And we need to get behind him.” They’re never gonna become what they think Trump is, a populist, a nationalist or what have you. It’s gonna be a battle. That’s why you better be glad Trump’s the guy waging it. He’s the one guy you could have elected who’s not going to cave on this stuff, certainly not in the first month, first six months, first year. They’re just getting warmed up.

I still am of the opinion that the establishment types and the left, they still don’t know what they’re dealing with here. They’re still trying their time-honored blueprint for destroying political figures they don’t like, primarily Republicans. How many years did people hate Obamacare? Now there’s a poll out there that says Obamacare’s never been more popular. Really? Really? Just how stupid do you think we all are? After whatever it is, six years of rising premiums, lost coverage, horrible treatment, no access, now all of a sudden, and there hasn’t been any improvement in enrollment. The Obamacare enrollment numbers are nowhere near what was needed or what was projected.

But now we’ve got a poll out there saying that Obamacare has never been more popular? Well, maybe it’s people like at 25% and it’s only gotten to 23% before, who knows, but the headline is so misleading, it’s fake news. And that’s gonna continue. I know it’s tough, folks, because you’re good people. You want to unify America with a sense of culture and decency and all of this that reasserts and reaffirms the concepts of American exceptionalism.

But the left and who they are, you watch Hollywood, you watch the Oscars, you watch any left-wing, it’s not even Democrat. It is ultra left-wing radical. You know I ask myself, when did this happen? Because the left, George Bush won two elections, 2000 and 2004. So 2008, we didn’t see. It was obviously there. We saw effervescence and this bubbling up of this extreme left-wing cultural revolution, so to speak, but it seems like with the inauguration of Obama, outward appearances, it seemed like the country flipped and did a 180 overnight.

And I talk to a lot of people about this, when did this happen? And it turns out it didn’t. Obama won two elections but certainly the first one not because people wanted that agenda of his. He never told them what his agenda was. Not as it played out. Obama was something other. After eight years of it, look what happened in this election. Did the country flip again? No. I maintain it didn’t flip in 2008-2009, and we were not a 60% radical leftist population like they tried to portray it as.

They’re never been a majority. We just fell for one of the greatest illusions in modern politics. And this election has exposed that. So who are these people? I go back to Robert Reich and his appearance on Stephanopoulos’ show. The Democrat Party has not been in this bad a shape since the 1920s. Well, how in the hell can that be?

If during the eight years of Obama they won and they had converted this country into this radical, leftist, extremist culture and country, and if that was the trend, and if that’s what Obama’s elections meant, then how is it that the Democrat Party, which is the home of all of that, has lost 1,200 seats since Obama’s second year in office? How is it that Reich is right? How is it that the Democrat Party has less power today?

You have to go back to the 1920s, almost a hundred years, to find the Democrat Party as weak and out of power as it is today. Well, how did that happen with just one election? Well, it didn’t happen in one election. The fact is the Democrats have been losing elections, except for the White House, for the last eight years in numbers that have not been reported, other than on programs like this. Now, what’s becoming of them?

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