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Will Millennials Break the Back of Feminism?

RUSH: My question is, are we at a point where we've been before where a generation refuses to abide by and live by the same rules, standards, behavioral norms of their parents and grandparents? Specifically, might I ask, is the Millennial generation the generation which is gonna break the back of modern-era feminism?

Ruth “Buzzi” Ginsburg Calls Lindsey Graham a Woman

RUSH: It's not that she just identified him as a woman. She lumped him in with the other women! "[T]he women of the Senate, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham — let's hope that they and others of goodwill will lead in restoring harmonious work ways."

Rogue CNN Op-Ed Says Democrats Blew It on Gorsuch

RUSH: Essentially it revolves around the fact that the Democrats strategically goofed up. You know the theory that Gorsuch is a noncontroversial nominee, that he's just too qualified. It was silly to trigger the nuclear option. It was silly to filibuster this guy, because now the Republicans pulled the trigger.

All Eyes on Kansas Special Election

RUSH: I have a question about this special election in Kansas. And my question is, how do the Democrats think they even have a chance at winning this election? How can they possibly hope to win this election? Look, if the Russians were able to tamper with a nationwide presidential election to shaft Hillary Clinton, wouldn't it be simple to tamper with a single congressional election in Wichita?

Rich Lowry Documents the Collusion Between Russia and Obama

RUSH: All of this that Lowry writes about is known and has been known, but it was known and reported on, discussed in piecemeal fashion. What Rich has done here is put it down in a page and a half in almost chronological order, in as simple and understandable a way as possible.

Rex Tillerson Was Born to Be Secretary of State

RUSH: I told you, when they chose Tillerson for secretary of state, I just want to remind you, I was all-in from day one. The guy looks like he's right out of central casting. He sounds right out of central casting. He looks made for the part.

Golf Commentator in Hot Water Just for Commenting!

RUSH: Do any of you know the name Peter Alliss? He’s now 86. He is a golf commentator for the BBC… They’re dumping all over the guy in the U.K. for misogyny, sexism, violating political correctness.

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