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RUSH: How’s this for sanctuary city outreach? New York City provides IDs for anybody who wants one, even if they are illegal immigrants.

So now New York wants to destroy the documents that people used to apply for the IDs, in order to keep the information from President Trump. Two members of the New York Assembly took the city to court to prevent them from destroying these documents. But last week a State Supreme Court Justice, Phillip Minardo, sided with the city. The judge said the personal documents could be destroyed. The decision is expected to be appealed.

New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio hailed the ruling. He claims it will protect the personal information of –- get this –0 one million people in the city. He vows to fight any appeal.

Now, sixteen years ago – a stone’s throw away from City Hall, Islamic terrorists flew two hijacked planes into the World Trade Center. Afterward, we were told that law enforcement and intelligence services must “connect the dots” to avoid future attacks.

Now we have liberal Democrats –- including an out-of-control mayor -– doing their best to destroy the “dots” of a million people. All so they can pander to people here illegally and get their votes. This is beyond idiocy. It’s lunacy.

Which means it’s typical for today’s Democrat Party. In other words, folks, it’s what we always say it is. It’s liberalism. You’d just better accept it.

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