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RUSH: This is a fascinating poll result. It’s IBD, Investor’s Business Daily. Headline: “People Like The Senate Health Bill More Than They Realize — Just 33% of the public say they approve of the Senate plan to repeal and replace Obamacare and 62% oppose it, the latest IBD/TIPP Poll finds. However, many of the specific provisions in the Senate bill get majority support. … Unlike other polls, the IBD/TIPP Poll restricted its findings on the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement plans to the 77% who say they’ve been following the health care debate closely.”

So this poll is not include people unfamiliar with it. The poll does not include responses from people that don’t know what’s going on. Only people following the debate. So overall, if you ask people, “Do you approve of or disapprove of the Senate health care bill?” 33% like it; 62% don’t. Then if you go through individual provisions without asking ’em to thumbs up or thumbs down “the Republican health care plan,” that issue by issue, a majority of Americans like it.

“[W]hen the poll got down to specifics in the bill, the picture changed dramatically. … The IBD/TIPP Poll found that many of the Senate’s changes to Obamacare are also popular with the public. For example, more than half the public (51%) back the GOP plan to get rid of Obamacare’s individual mandate. Only Democrats want to keep in place (65% say that). Fifty-two percent of independents want it gone, as do 69% of Republicans. The individual mandate is least popular in the South … and among those under 25…”

I can’t think of another poll that has even asked what people think about getting rid of the mandate, so this is valuable. Fifty-four percent “say they want to keep the employer mandate in the July poll, when IBD/TIPP asked this question in April, 53% supported the GOP plan to get rid of it.” So I think it’s kind of fascinating. If you just ask “Senate Republican health bill,” people by 33% like it; 65% say, “No. No way.” But go through it individually, and some of it has 51, 52% majority support.

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