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RUSH: We’ll start in Seattle with Jeff. Thank you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: Yes. I’m doing fantastic, and I was told to get right to the point. I want to talk about this president we have who went over to Poland, invigorated this people, spoke to this people as though they had a rite of passage, lifted them up, acknowledged their struggle — represented dignity, self-determination and respect — as opposed to what we’ve had to deal with previously. I’m sitting here listening to this man and going, “This reminds me of a president that changed my whole world back in 1980.” This is the first time I have called you, and everything you just said in the last 20 minutes, I agree with completely. Completely! So for you to be depressed after what you just did to my life, to my world today?

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: That’s absurd!

RUSH: I’m not depressed. That’s not the point.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: But I appreciate your kind words. I really do. You made my day, in fact.

CALLER: This whole thing about common sense and normalcy? I’ve been on this train for 30 years since Ronald Reagan changed my whole concept of the political structure of this country, and it caused me to start learning true history, not the one that was forced on us in the public school systems. So I really appreciate everything that you’ve just said, ’cause I agree with it completely. And the president is brilliant! And what he is doing to the media is brilliant, in my opinion.

RUSH: So you think what he’s doing is purposeful for whatever reason, strategic, and that he is beating them handily? That’s what you…

CALLER: He’s doing exactly what I’ve been waiting for a president to do with these liberal, progressive lunatics in charge for almost 40 years. He’s given it right back to ’em.

RUSH: You know, you said you liked my last 20 minutes. I think people out in the audience today are standing up and cheering what you’re saying now.

CALLER: As an American who has never been to Africa, I look at what Donald Trump has represented and he’s represented common sense. Common sense is what this man is talking about, whether in Saudi Arabia, whether in Israel, whether in Poland. Common sense is what’s been missing for almost 40 years in this nation.

RUSH: You know —

CALLER: I really appreciate it. I really appreciate what you said this morning.

RUSH: Jeff, I cannot thank you enough. As I say, you’ve made my day, and I’m so happy you’re out there. How old are you? How long have you been studying this stuff?

CALLER: I’m 57 years old. In 1980… I’ll just tell you real quickly because I was told to get straight to the point. I watched the Navy guys on my ship stand and applaud in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected. I was a black kid from New York, and I went, “I want to understand what just happened.” So I started opening books and I started learning about the Democrat Party and the Democrat machine and the Republican Party, and I began to see the truth, and I went, “Oh, my God! Oh, my goodness! This is crazy what we’ve been taught.” Now at 57 years of age, for 40 years now I’ve been a conservative, and I’ve been fitting the lunacy that you’ve been subjected to for years, and particularly the last eight years of my life.

RUSH: The last eight years have been painful. I have to acknowledge. They have been frustrating beyond all get out. But you know why, though? You know why? Because the people on our side, we’re not pushing back, and I also covered that earlier. We were out there pushing back all by ourselves! None of the elected people on our side were pushing back against this last eight years.

CALLER: Yeah, well, we’ve got a president right now that’s not only pushing back, but he’s cracking up as he does it, and I’m just celebrating the fact that I voted for this man and he makes me feel like the day that he voted in 1980 for a man named Ronald Reagan. I really, really, really mean that.

RUSH: Jeff?

CALLER: And I appreciate you. Ronald Reagan introduced me to you 25 years ago. I’ve been listening for that long. It’s the first time I’ve gotten through.

RUSH: Well, it’s our both lucky day.

CALLER: Yes, it is.

RUSH: I’m glad you —

CALLER: Thank you, Rush.

RUSH: And you live in Seattle. What’s life like for you in Seattle?

CALLER: It’s like living in hell, to be honest with you.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: These people up here… I have a standard saying, Rush: “Progressive liberalism is the one thing in our society that insists on making no sense at all every single time that it rears its head.” These people make no sense all the time! And up here in Seattle, that’s celebrated, believe it or not.

RUSH: Amen. You’re singing my song on this whole notion of “sense” — common, humor, whatever. Jeff, thanks for the call so much. I sincerely am glad you’re out there and I’m glad you made it through. I appreciate that. CNN having their cow over the Trump gif? Trump made the point here: They’re taking it too seriously. They’re taking this too personally. When I say that people like CNN’s Jim Acosta — name any of them there — have no sense of humor, I mean that literally. They are not able to sense humor.

They are not able to detect it. It doesn’t permeate whatever their boundaries are. They are wound so tightly that they especially cannot laugh at themselves, and therefore nobody else is allowed to laugh at them. But they literally cannot detect humor. They can’t sense it.

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