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RUSH: All of these summits are designed for the rest of the world, the victims of the United States, to try to make us pay for whatever transgressions we are committing against them.

And this is how they look at it. This is how these little protesters, these anti-capitalist protesters — and these folks show up everywhere. There’s nothing new about these rioters. In fact, the mayor of New York City got on a plane at Newark Liberty International Airport today to fly to the riots. Not to Hamburg. He flew to the riots. He’s got a vacation planned. He’s going rioting with the G20 rioters, who are a bunch of anti-capitalists.

Let me put this in perspective for you. The G20 rioters are bought and paid for — and, by the way, have you noticed all the signs are in English? Where are they? They’re in Hamburg, Germany. All of the signs are in English because the audience for this is you, the United States population.

What you’re supposed to see here is that the world hates America because the world hates Trump. And you’re supposed to get on board with the idea that Trump is the problem, which makes the U.S. the problem, which means these people would go home if you would get rid of Trump, or allow that to happen. That’s the message they are trying to convey. And they do it every time there is a world economic meeting of any scope or of any size. It’s tired, it’s worn out, and they constantly fail.

And there’s something else about them: They are leftists. The G20 rioters are anti-capitalist leftists. Many of them (you would be amazed at how many) are trust fund kids from all over the world. Many of them are the children of the wealthy in Europe, in the United States, and they are there because they have this guilt and this aimlessness in life. Their lives have no meanings because they have nothing to accomplish in order to maintain their status. All they had to do was be born and stay alive and grow up. They’ve not had to accomplish a single thing.

They will never have to accomplish a single thing in order to enjoy a very rich and cushy economic life. So they attack the system that provided that, that they had nothing to do with — and they’re on a rampage, and it’s constant, and they’re miserable, and they’re unhappy, and they happen to become the marching soldiers of the American left and the American media. They’re leftists. The guy who tried to massacre 20 Republican congressmen was a leftist.

Black Lives Matter, Robert Creamer — who was hiring all of the rioters and protesters to show up at Trump rallies during the campaign — was a leftist. Linda Sarsour. Do you know who this is? Have you seen her name? Linda Sarsour organized the “pussy hat” protest. All these women after Trump was elected, all these idiot women running around Washington and the country with these hats that were supposed to make it look like their heads were vaginas, and they’re running around; they’re protesting.

This woman has come out and she has attempted to build a bridge with militant Islam by saying that feminists opposing Trump is “jihad” and that she — Linda Sarsour and her vagina-clad protesters — have common ground with militant Islamist jihadists. She is a leftist. The Democrats who say any changes to Obamacare will kill 20 million people? All rabble-rousing thug leftists. They are not tolerant. They do not seek bipartisanship. They do not think their country is anything to be proud of.

And while all this is going on, have you heard Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck You Schumer or any leftist — any Democrat in our country — demand an end to the rioting, the property destruction, the threats and the violence and the lies? Have you seen the left attempt to reform itself? Have you seen the media attempt to cast aspersions on it? Just the exact opposite. They’re being promoted and hailed.


RUSH: So I am told — I didn’t see it but I am told — that there’s a MSNBC camera crew traveling along with the anarchists and the anti-capitalist protesters at the G20, and the camera crew just ended up getting water cannoned by the German police. The staff asked me if they were wrong to be laughing at it when they saw it. I said, “No, I don’t think it’s wrong to laugh at that. I mean, if they’re gonna enter the arena that way and if they’re gonna try to highlight these wonderful anarchists and anti-capitalists, it’s only fair that they get a taste of the medicine these poor kids are being given.”

I wonder how many of the crew at PMSNBC got water cannoned. I wonder. Somebody said, “This is exactly what happened when the Democrats water cannoned African-Americans in Selma. I mean, you got Bull Connor’d, essentially. This is what Bull Connor and the Democrats did to these poor blacks that are trying to cross the bridge in Selma and you just got a taste of it.” Payback is a b-i-itch. It really can be.

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