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RUSH: Let’s go back to yesterday. There was some economic news reported. Private sector, ADP, reported jobs in this latest reporting period would be mediocre, in the neighborhood of 150,000 new jobs created. The New York Times had a story yesterday: “Hopes of ‘Trump Bump’ for U.S. Economy Shrink as Growth Forecasts Fade.”

And the story began this way: “The promise of faster economic growth has become a study in the triumph of hope over experience. While the June jobs report, coming on Friday, is expected to show that hiring continued at a healthy pace last month, other recent indicators in areas like consumer spending, construction and auto sales have been decidedly less robust.”

So suddenly a good jobs report is no longer meaningful, as it was during — and you talk about meaningless job reports during the Obama administration, they were hailed and heralded. Remember all of the Drive-By articles that talked about how the economy was gonna shrink under Obama? They told us the new normal was anemic economic growth because the U.S. had had a party in previous years we didn’t deserve. The United States was now finding out what life is like for the rest of the world, and this is the only thing that is fair.

So as the Obama economy was anemic, the New York Times herald it as a new reality. But yesterday, “Hopes of ‘Trump Bump’ for U.S. Economy Shrink as Growth Forecasts Fade.” And the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped about 155 points yesterday. Skip forward to this morning. The numbers were released, and they’re strong numbers. Job creation across the board, one of the best reports seen in years, each sector is expanding in jobs. The labor force participation rate. That has improved to its best since the 1980s! The labor force participation rate calculates all of those in the workforce who are not working. It has nothing to do with the unemployment number.

Wages are going up, 222,000 jobs added. Experts said 150,000 would be added. Unemployment rate 4.4%. The market surged today on these numbers. The U-6 numbers are good. That means people are in jobs that are not just part time. The economy is continuing to expand and grow. It has not been reported on CNN. It’s been barely mentioned in the New York Times, which, again, yesterday, tried to prepare everybody for a downer economic report by claiming that the Trump bump for the U.S. economy forecast shrinks. And yet today we got a Trump bump larger than any of the experts predicted.

Ladies and gentlemen, nothing, nothing ticks off progressives like real progress. A long, hot summer for the left just got hotter, 222,000 jobs in June. Unemployment rate 4.4%. Labor force participation rate, an all-time good record — well, not all-time. Since the 1980s. And here’s the sad reality for the Democrats. For the Democrat Party to be great again, for the Democrat Party to experience political growth, people have to suffer. And you can’t build a winning, vibrant, effervescent political movement based on people suffering. But that’s what the Democrats need in order to survive.

They need more people out of work. They need more people without health care. They need more people without insurance. They need more people in pain, economic and otherwise. They need more people incapable of helping themselves. They need more people demanding that government do something, anything, for them. The Democrat Party can only thrive as it is currently constituted when people are suffering. And people have to suffer for the Democrat Party to be great again. How would you like to be a Democrat and a member of that party?

Imagine the positive impact on the economy and the American people if the Republican controlled Congress would simply do what they were elected to do. Imagine incentivizing free markets with tax cuts and the repeal of Obamacare. Imagine. But guess what? Pat Toomey, Senator, Pennsylvania, had a town hall meeting. You know what he said? The reason why the Senate is paralyzed is because — dadelut dadelut — we didn’t expect Trump to win! So we didn’t have any plans! We weren’t preparing to implement any because we didn’t expect Trump to win.

Now, wait a minute. Even if you didn’t expect Trump to win, are you telling me that after seven years of promising to repeal Obamacare, you still had nothing on paper that you could advance? Even if you thought it would be defeated because you weren’t gonna control the Senate and you weren’t gonna have the White House, politically for your own voters didn’t you have something that you could present that shows you were going to repeal it if you had the chance?

But they didn’t even have that. And now it’s gotten so bad, folks, it has gotten so bad, the Washington Post headline: “McConnell Says GOP Must Shore Up Obamacare Insurance Markets if the Senate Bill Dies.” McConnell is saying that if things don’t get better, I’m gonna have to start making deals with Democrats. Well, if that’s the case, Chuck Schumer is not gonna allow one word to be changed in Obamacare. What do you mean, work with Democrats? I think he’s kind of trying to threaten his own caucus with this.

They didn’t expect Trump to win. Okay, Trump did win. That was six months ago. Why can’t you get in gear here? I can answer that too. Not only did they not expect Trump to win, many of them didn’t really want him to. And after he did, many of them didn’t really want him to succeed, because they’re, first and foremost, members of the Washington political class. And the Washington political class is who loses if Trump wins.

And so Trump wins the election, oh, my God, we don’t want his agenda, worst thing could happen. So even if Trump wins, and they have no plans, they didn’t expect that, they haven’t really gotten in gear to try to further any Trump agenda because they may not really be in favor of it.

Now, there are two sides to every coin, and there’s an aspect to this that also needs to be said, and that is the Trump administration itself holds some blame or some responsibility for this. I think members of the Trump administration, maybe Trump himself, were waiting too much for Congress to do something to help further his agenda rather than grabbing it by the reins and just taking everybody with him.

Meaning, there was a little deference from the Trump administration. And I’m sure it was in the interests of party unity. I’m sure that what Trump did was to try to develop and further unity within the party and so forth, but there’s some blame that can go all around here. Trump has to have a little bit of it, some of his administration has to have some of it.

But you look at the economic numbers, you look at the elements of the Trump agenda that he can control that he has implemented, like this vast reduction of regulations, it’s profound, by the way. I found a story that details just exactly how many regulations have already been eliminated. It’s stunning. I’ll get to it if I have time in the program today. But if I don’t, just don’t doubt me.

The Trump travel ban. Even that’s gone by the wayside now. Those federal judges, one in Seattle, one in Washington, one in Hawaii, who originally stayed the Trump travel ban and the second Trump travel ban, the Hawaii judge was just asked to stay the Trump travel ban the Supreme Court okayed. And the Hawaii judge said, “Nope, nope, I’m finished, I’m through.” They did their duty. The opposition did their duty, but now the Supreme Court has spoken on this, and they’re out of there.

The worm is turning. In fact, I think I ought to make that the cover headline of the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter. The worm is turning and the media doesn’t see it. The media is still stuck trying to prove that Trump was illegitimately elected with the help of the steely-eyed Vladimir Putin.

But just stop and think of the positive impact on the economy, the American people, if, along with Trump, the Republican-controlled Congress were actually moving forward on tax reform, actually moving forward on repealing and doing whatever with the American health care system, restoring it to some sense of sanity, that’s how you make America great again.

And that’s also how you defeat the left. It’s how you defeat the media. It’s how you defeat the Democrat Party, by moving your agenda and showing the American people what can happen when the left loses.

And that’s exactly — and I’m gonna tell you, folks. I’m gonna go out on a limb. I see some of these wacko things the feminazis are doing like this Linda Sarsour joining forces with Islamic jihadists and claiming that feminist opposition to Trump is jihad. She’s trying to forge an alliance with militant Islamic terrorists. There’s another story in the Stack today about how women simply can’t find guys to marry. They can’t find enough guys in college. They can’t find guys that are equally educated because men have been (over the years) subliminally told to get the hell out of college ’cause all they do there is rape women and all they’re gonna find is women’s studies.

The bottom line of this is that women can’t find guys to marry, can’t find guys to have relationships with because guys their age are still living at home in their pajamas in the basement playing video games. It’s the one place they don’t get hassled. And I’m here to tell you, I hope this happens in my lifetime ’cause I know it’s gonna happen, and not just with feminists. The global warming… All these young kids who believe in climate change and all of these young Millennials and others who believe in feminism and the American left, they’re going to wake up one day…

I think the worm is turning in such a degree, they are going to realize at some point not too distant from now. I mean, it’s not tomorrow; it’s not next year. They’re gonna realize how they’ve been misrepresented, how they’ve been lied to. They are going to. It’s gonna be a stunning realization, a wake-up call. They are going to figure out it’s going to become abundantly clear — they will not be able to avoid it — how they’ve been lied to about practically every aspect of liberalism.

From feminism to climate change, global warming, environmentalism, all these things they hold dear that are near religious in their devotion. They are going to realize so much of what they believe is just total BS. I have hoped that would happen in the last 30 years, but it’s to the point now where things on the left are disintegrating.

They don’t know it yet, don’t misunderstand. We’re way ahead of the curve here. This is what being on the cutting edge of societal evolution means. I know what you, “Rush, I don’t know what you’re watching. I turn on the TV. Looks like the left is winning every day.” I know it does, but they’re not, folks. There is no news today. Everything is fake. Everything’s fraud. There is no news in the mainstream media.


RUSH: We’re gonna go to Alcoa, Tennessee. It’s John, you’re first today, sir. It’s great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Oh, Mr. Limbaugh, thanks for taking my call, longtime listener, longtime fan. I do, however, want to disagree with a statement you made at the start of the program where you’re talking about the Democratic Party and how they wouldn’t be able to succeed unless they have people suffering and that no party can really succeed if it’s based off of that suffering. And I know it’s a loose quote, but I think that’s totally wrong because all you have to do is look at 1920s Germany and early 1900s Russia and you’ll see that the suffering of the people helped the communists and the Nazi party succeed, which is kind of the same type of government that our current Democrats seem like they want, where they have total control over everything.

RUSH: You are absolutely correct about that in a general, theoretical sense. I didn’t say exactly what I intended to say. There’s no question that plenty of political movements have been built on the suffering of people with the promise to end the suffering and to punish the people responsible for the suffering. What I meant to say was — and I did say — the Democrat Party, for it to be great again, people have to suffer.

My point was, Democrat policies are going to have to result in people suffering. And that will not fly. You have to be able to blame somebody other than your own policies for it. You have to have villains. You have to have demons. The Democrats are in a situation where their policies are making people suffer, and that’s what won’t work. People will see through it.

I mean, you could argue that class warfare, which is one of the Democrats’ strong points, hate the rich, tax the rich, blame the rich, blame the poor on the rich, the rich are rich because they stole money from the poor. Of course, the math never works on that, but still people fall for it. What I meant to say was that the Democrat Party needs this suffering to the point that their policies have to cause it, like raising the minimum wage, like open borders, mass illegal immigration and amnesty, things like this, the things that cause joblessness.

If the Democrat Party is seen as responsible for the suffering, then they’re not gonna be able to make hay out of it. They have to have a villain. And what the point I was trying to make was — and I appreciate the opportunity for me to restate this, ’cause what I really said, for the Democrat Party to be great again, people have to suffer. Now, do you want to be in a party, you want to run a party, you want to be an elected official in a party that can only be great if people are suffering? Meaning, you don’t want solutions to the problem. You need a permanent underclass. You need people constantly in pain.

You cannot have people escaping poverty and becoming members of the middle class. You can’t have that happen. You’re not needed if people can do that on their own. So better stated, for the Democrat Party to be great again, it needs to continue with policies which cause people to suffer. And when you do that, you’re not sponsoring anything uplifting. You can’t even talk. And the Democrats don’t, if you’ll notice. I mean the things that they do talk about that you might consider to be infectious are all rooted in anger.

The Democrats have to make as many people victims as they can, and they have to be the cause of it. And they have to tell people that they’re victims. They have to make people want to be victims. And how’s it working out for ’em? This has been their policy since 2010, and how’s it working for ’em? All you need is an opposite party that’s doing the exact opposite for a contrast, they don’t have a prayer.

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