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RUSH: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is up for re-election next year. According to NBC news, he’s facing a “feisty Democratic challenger.”

Jon Svitavsky is a “homeless advocate.” He’s running because he’s furious that Bernie challenged Hillary Clinton in 2016. He told NBC that he holds Bernie Sanders responsible for Donald Trump’s election. This is his number-one issue.

Svitavsky says it was a huge mistake for Democrats to let Bernie into the party in the first place, because Bernie has devastated the Democrats. He also says the FBI investigation into Jane Sanders’ financial shenanigans is a serious thing.

According to Mr. Svitavsky, as soon as he announced, thousands of people across the country wanted to donate or volunteer for his campaign.

Ever since Trump won, angry liberals have been trying to figure out how to vent their anger. They’ve marched. They’ve worn stupid pink hats. They’ve rioted in blue cities. They’ve pretended to assassinate Trump look-a-likes in plays and pretended to hold up Trumps’ bloody severed head in videos. They’ve attacked his kids. One of their crazies actually gunned down some Republicans.

So far, nothing has quelled their anger. But this makes as much sense as anything else they’ve tried. You angry Democrats want to finally get even with someone for Trump’s victory? Blame Bernie! Chase him out of office! We’d all be better off. We can deal with whoever replaces him, easily.

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