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RUSH: Confirmation hearings underway started this morning for the FBI director, man named Christopher Wray, W-r-a-y, and I was just told that Dianne Feinstein said she was gonna vote to confirm the guy. You know, they’re asking such things like — well, they didn’t ask. The media… “Why do you want this job? Why do you want to work for this schlub Trump? Why do you even want the job?”

And then he was asked, “Were you told to come up here and take positions?”

“No, Senator, I was not.”

“Are you gonna pay attention to the Constitution or are you gonna run the FBI to defend Trump?”

“I’m gonna defend and uphold the Constitution, Senator.”

“Okay, then you got my vote,” bam. I mean, that’s the kind of thing. They haven’t asked those questions directly, understand, but that’s been the undertone.

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