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RUSH: By the way, folks, while all of this is going on, the health care bill status over in the Senate’s looking very, very bad. You see what Rand Paul has said? Has a written a piece — I saw it at Breitbart — and I think he’s trying to get people’s attention with this. But he’s saying if anybody’s paying attention, Obamacare is staying, the essential health benefits are staying, Obamacare taxes are staying, nobody wants to do anything about it, and it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.

The insurance companies are gonna have to be bailed out once again, that lobbyists had a big role in writing the legislation that McConnell and everybody in the Senate is dealing with, which is a common thing. Legislation in Washington doesn’t originate on Capitol Hill. It originates on K Street. It really does. Lobbyists, donors, they write the legislation, the outline. Legislators and staff actually write the legalese of the stuff, but the concepts are put together by donors. That’s one of the perks you get as a donor.

Anybody, while everybody’s focused on this, things like that are happening. Now, what ought to be happening here is that the Republicans, instead of acting frightened and scared, ought to be aggressive as they can be. Because if I can see what’s going on here, so can they. But I’m seeing all these stories out there now that Mike Pence is inching closer and closer to the Oval Office, and that Mike Pence is not discouraging people who want that to happen from thinking about it. I’m seeing all this stuff. No, no, no. Don’t misunderstand. Pence isn’t behind any of this. This is just more of the onslaught that’s designed to portray the Trump administration as unstable and incoherent and out to lunch and all of this.

Advancing the Republican Party agenda, call it the Trump agenda, whatever, but moving forward on it would be the sweetest thing that they could do. It would exact revenge if people are interested in that, but it primarily would be what they were elected to do. It’s just waiting out there. Political fortune is just waiting to be grabbed and run with if the Republican Party would get off their… (pause) and do it.

They could bury the Democrats for a generation if they would simply begin seriously implementing the agenda that Trump and thus the rest of them ran on: immigration, the wall, tax cuts, and Obamacare. Go for it! Instead of saying, “Well, Chuck Schumer is blocking.” I know Democrats are blocking Trump judicial nominees and we’re just sitting here and taking it. “Well, you know, we only have 52 votes.” So while all this is going on so is all of that big bunch of nothing happening.

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