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RUSH: The Politico is reporting tensions between moderates and liberals in California have plunged the Democrat Party into a “civil war.”

But that’s not right. There are no moderates in California. The war is between ultra-liberal Democrats and the radical extremist wacko Democrats.

The ultra-liberals have most of the power and they failed to pass a single-payer health bill. That caused the radical extremists to loose their cookies. They’re protesting at the state capitol. Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon has been getting death threats. Last week, radical extremist wackos disrupted a floor session, and security had to be tightened.

Now the ultra-libs are worried that the radicals are tearing the Democrat Party apart. Ultra-libs are afraid the radical wackos demands for new spending could finally go “too far” and cause Democrats to lose control of the state.

The problem is not just spending. The extremists — many of them Bernie Sanders supporters — want their entire agenda passed: draconian environmental laws, debt-free college, and of course single-payer healthcare.

California is already a tax-and-spend Democrat paradise. They already have brutal environmental regulations and spend billions on health care. But the extremists want the whole kit-and-caboodle. They figure Democrats run the state, Republicans are irrelevant, so they don’t want any excuses.

Let them fight it out! We’ll enjoy every minute, but the danger is that could portend the way it’s going to go for the rest of the country.

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