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RUSH: After seven years of Obamacare, liberals hate it.

According to a new study by the left wing Commonwealth Fund, our health care system is worse than 10 other developed nations they looked at, who all happen to have socialized medicine.

The study measured equity, access, and healthcare outcomes. We spend more than Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Brits, but we get the worst results.

The New York Times weighs in with this: “Many Americans are sicker than their peers in other rich countries, lacking access to needed medical care.” In fact, The Times says our system is worse than Rwanda’s! Liberals used to say American health care stinks compared to Cuba’s. Now, after seven years of Obamacare, we’re worse than Rwanda?

Now think about it. Obamacare implemented the exact policies these liberals wanted. Healthcare costs skyrocketed. It killed millions of jobs. Americans lost their plans, they lost their doctors, and some of their freedoms. And yet, the liberal Democrats who foisted this on us are demanding that it stay in place because Obama’s legacy is so important to them, more than your healthcare is.

But if you believe these same lefties, what once was the greatest healthcare system in the world is now in shambles and I’ll tell you the reason: it’s Obamacare and they inadvertently admit it.

And I agree, Obamacare has brought nothing but misery. So let’s agree it’s time to get rid of it once and for all. Or just let it fail, see what happens.

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