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RUSH: White House shakeup last Friday. Sean Spicer out as the communications director and a friend of the president, Anthony Scaramucci, was named as his replacement.

Scaramucci went out and met with the press, not to do the press briefing, just to introduce himself. And it was obvious from a number of things he said that the objective with the new communications office is going to be trying to make the press like the president. Scaramucci said a number of times (paraphrasing), “We love the president. All of us who support the president, love the president. We want you to love the president. We want you to see the president the way we do.”

So it’s obvious to me, folks, there are people inside the White House that are just very upset at all of this hatred for President Trump and they want to change it. They want the press to like the president. They want the press to treat him fairly. It isn’t going to happen. It never happens. Except Republicans always seem to fall for this, don’t they? “We got to make the press like us. We got to get the press to stop criticizing us.”

It would be a nice world if that would happen, but it hasn’t happened yet. We’ll keep a sharp eye on it but a lot of people are going to be mildly disappointed by this approach, I predict.


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