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RUSH: “New York Times Reporter Accuses White Women of Racism on City Sidewalks for Not Making Room for Him When He’s Walking.” Greg Howard. The New York Times actually published this. These people are flat-out insane. The New York Times editors thought this column was worth running in their paper. Greg Howard, piece was titled, “‘Was That Racist?’ He said white women are the only group who don’t courteously move out of the way for him when he is walking down the sidewalk. [He] theorizes that it’s because white women have ‘been taught that they should fear black men.'”

So white women don’t make room for him because they are afraid of him — because, of course, prejudice and racism and so forth. Mr. Howard, you’re talking about Manhattan here. You’re not gonna find… You’re not gonna find any more utopian-like liberal Mecca than New York City. If you people can’t get rid of racism in New York City, if you can’t get rid of sexism in New York City — which is liberal Mecca, which is where… I mean, if you can’t get rid of it there, you can’t get rid of it anywhere. Holy smokes. New York City is now dystopian, and that’s the best place they’ve got. Maybe San Francisco, but I would still say New York.

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