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RUSH: The Amazon Prime Washington Post just can’t get over the 2016 election. On Monday, they published yet another “what-if” story. This time: What if Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was Hillary’s vice-presidential pick instead of that idiot Tim Kaine?

Sherrod Brown, we are told, has a deep voice. It rumbles like an outboard motor when he speaks in union halls. And when he talks he sounds like a “working man.” Senator Brown told the Amazon Prime Washington Post that if he had campaigned in Wisconsin and Michigan a lot would have changed. He said his wife thinks that “we would have won.” The Democrats would have at least won Ohio, she says.

Well, sadly, Sherrod didn’t run with Hillary. Tim Kaine, the guy with the big eyebrows, did. And he didn’t deliver. Democrats did not win Ohio. They did not win Wisconsin. They didn’t win the White House. They didn’t win squat, or diddly.

Which brings us to Senator “Chuck You” Schumer. The Amazon Prime Washington Post ran a lengthy piece on his “not-so-veiled” attack on Hillary. “When you lose to somebody who has 40 percent popularity,” he said, “you don’t blame other things – Comey, Russia – you blame yourself.” Chuck You said people didn’t know what Democrats stood for. Their only message was opposition to Trump.

That’s not true. Everybody knows what Democrats stand for, including what Hillary stood for, and nobody, except the people in California, wanted any of it. That’s it. There’s no other answer to this.

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