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RUSH: BBC: “Sperm Count Drop May Lead to Human Extinction,” and there’s a close-up picture here of three sperm cells. I should screenshot this for you. I’ll send it in there so you can display these on the Dittocam. I will have to do it at the break, though. I can’t do it now.

You know, we could hold it up on a side camera. Let’s try using the side camera. You ready to switch to the side camera? (interruption) I know, but you do it. Do you have ability to switch it or not? (interruption) Well, here, let me do it. Oops, wrong button. I just hit “side” and it stayed red. There it is. See it? If you’ve never seen… (interruption) Well, there’s three of them there. I had my finger over them. That’s the BBC. Isn’t that cool, folks, the side-view camera here on the Dittocam. (interruption) Tadpoles, yeah. You should see… I ran into — on the golf course Saturday — a giant iguana.

This thing had to be minimum five feet, counting the tail. Five feet! You know, it was just a gecko. And I’m saying, “How did it get here? This is an island. Did these things swim or did somebody bring it over in the car?” Giant thing. I have pictures of it. Anyway, so, anyway there… That’s the picture accompanying the BBC story, sperm count drop may lead to human extinction. Why would that be, folks? Any ideas what could be happening to the sperm count? Climate change? I think it’s feminists. I think it’s the feminazis.

I think they’re having more of a deleterious effect on our culture.

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