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RUSH: Get this. This is what passes for reasoned commentary on CNN. Just moments ago with Wolf Blitzed on CNN, their highly respected political correspondent Nia-Malika Henderson was being asked about Trump’s tweets going after Jeff Sessions and Andrew McCabe and Twitter statements and tweets on transgenders being banned from the military, and here is what she said.

HENDERSON: One of the things you see him do today with this transgender ban and announcing that, for days you’ve seen conservatives hammering Donald Trump on Twitter, on air, Rush Limbaugh, for going after Sessions. And now he’s essentially saying to conservatives that he’s one of them, that Donald Trump is one of them, and you see conservatives now basically praising this decision around a transgender ban in the military. So I think that was strategic.

RUSH: So Trump decided to ban transgenders from the military to get me off his back. Yeah, I think a lot of people miss this show. This is crazy! I’m sure Trump and his team have been thinking about this for years. Ahem. But, seriously, to get me off his back about Sessions? (laughing) But this is how they think. No Republican president ever does anything on his own. It is always because of the nefarious involvement of me or Fox News or somebody else in conservative media.

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