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RUSH: I have told you it’s the media running things on the left, not the Democrats. Here’s some evidence. Democrats rolled out their latest election year slogans. The New York Times editorial board says, “No, no, you gotta lay out your agenda.”

So the Democrats have to demonstrate to the country that at least one political party wants to “get things done” before the midterm elections in 2018. The Republicans, those mean old guys, they won’t help them, but the Democrats should press forward anyway, because the New York Times says America will notice.

What are the big agenda items?
•Raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.
•New job training programs.
•Lowering prescription drug costs.
•Reining in big corporate power and giving power back to the people.
•Expanding family leave laws to mandate more paid time off to employees, while ignoring the consequences to businesses.

Oh, and they also want to talk to Trump about his infrastructure promises.

But you see, here’s the thing. Minimum wage hikes kill jobs. Attacking businesses with new “feel-good” regulations kills jobs. Creating more government programs grows government, not the economy. There’s nothing the Democrats are offering now that they haven’t offered before. That list is sick.

In other words: the new Democrat agenda is the same old Democrat agenda that’s been failing them for years. Total loser with some brand-new slogans that they’ve ripped off from Papa John’s. That’s about it.

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