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RUSH: Princeton. They’re gonna have a men’s engagement manager, Princeton University, to combat aggressive masculinity on campus. Aggressive masculinity. I’m telling you, folks, the feminazis are chickifying as much of our culture as they can, and they have been.

I have a question to put this in perspective. Would Princeton create a position to teach gays not to act gay? Can you imagine what would happen if they did that? Can you imagine that, Dawn? Princeton University announces a gay male engagement manager to combat aggressive gay behavior. Can you ever imagine? Of course you can’t. There’s no way. If that did happen, there would be hell to pay, for crying out loud. Can you imagine the conniption fit that everybody would have. But there’s no conniption fit over this.

I have held this back all week. I have not been able to get to it. That means for four days this week I’ve talked about it, I’ve mentioned it as an upcoming thing I’m gonna discuss. There still hasn’t been any reaction to it.


RUSH: This is Dana in Ft. Lauderdale as we go back to the phones. Welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush! I’ve always wanted to go on the phone with you. (chuckles) Okay. You started out the show talking about the agenda they have at Princeton to, you know, make males or whatever that whole thing was. I hadn’t heard that before.

RUSH: You had not heard that?

CALLER: I had not heard that. But I know you talk quite a bit about the wussifying of men, which I totally agree with you. So I had a question that I always wanted to ask you. I wanted to ask you when it first came out on the news. There’s an ESPN analyst. His name is Danny Kanell. He actually was let go couple months ago, but he was a big college football analyst on ESPN. I think he played for the Giants. But, anyway, he questioned… He called the CTE issue with concussions in football, “the war on football.” The next day, USA Today came out with a huge headline, you know, calling him just… You know, how could he dare question the scientific evidences of it? I mean, the hate and attackers went after him. I just see it from that angle. I was curious what you thought. I see it with my own kids. I have four kids and I see so many parents that will never allow their kids to play football.

RUSH: Which is the whole point.

CALLER: As a football fan, one of the things that I’ve heard this Danny Kanell say is: Do you ever want to talk about maybe boxing, soccer, lacrosse? I mean, there’s lots of sports. You know, he said maybe you should stay home and play chess if you don’t want contact. I mean, certainly there’s risks involved in football, but —

RUSH: How much money is there in lacrosse?

CALLER: Yeah, true. (chuckles) But why do you think they’re going after football?

RUSH: Well —

CALLER: Do you think there is a war on football, so to speak?

RUSH: No question there is.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: I called it three years ago when this all began. There’s no question there is. The left cannot leave well enough alone. Look, I’m up against it on time. I have to go now, Dana. But I’ll explain this and I’ll answer your question probably at the beginning of the next hour.


RUSH: Football is too masculine. Therefore, it’s lousy role model. Football is too associated with the flag, patriotism, the military. Too violent. There’s a lot of money to be had suing the NFL. It’s got all the ingredients here.


RUSH: Let me answer our caller’s question about football, the NFL, and what’s happening. And let me precede… This is this kind of thing that I know I run up against a lot of disbelief. I know a lot of people, when they listen to my opinion, say, “Come on, Rush. That’s just a little over the top,” and I assure you it isn’t. You’ll never understand it until you endeavor to commit to understanding the left and then sticking with it. The National Football League, college football, Pop Warner Football, high school football is now being targeted by the same groups of people on the left that are doing things like this at Princeton University.

“A new position at [Princeton] indicates campus officials apparently think enough of its male students” are too masculine and “that it warrants hiring a certified clinician dedicated to combating them. The university is in the process of hiring an ‘Interpersonal Violence Clinician and Men’s Engagement Manager’ who will work with a campus office … that’s dedicated to ‘survivors’ of sexual harassment, assault, dating violence and stalking.”

That is meant to encompass pretty much every standard mode of normal male behavior. There has been… Feminism is believed by the unquestioning to be solely about the emancipation of women, the expansion of women’s rights, the attempt to make being a woman equal to being a man, and that’s not at all what it is. Militant feminism — which is what feminism is. There is no moderate strain of it. Militant feminism is essentially a War on Men and the way men naturally are because that is seen as the reason or the explanation for women being unhappy.

So the effort of militant feminists has been actually multifaceted. I mean, they’re trying to change basic human nature, largely because it was so unkind to many of them and because they think that this basic human nature has resulted in them being powerless and discriminated against and “objectified.” All the things that nature makes happen, they are offended by and outraged by — and it manifests itself in screwy ways. You’re not supposed to notice how attractive a woman is.

If you do that, and depending on how vociferous you are about it, you are at the very least a sexist — and at worst, you’re a predator who doesn’t care about anything else about a woman. You don’t care about her brain. You don’t care about her life. All you care about is the “objectified” aspects. This has been… Folks, this has been in the making here for 30 years. I’ve talked to divorced men in this time who have been in custody battles, and one of the most effective ways has been to portray your average, ordinary American father as a barbarian, as a predator, as a person around whom the children are not safe.

It’s been happening and becoming more and more common. So militant feminism has its role in this. I mean, now on campus it’s just the assumption that normal male behavior is “aggressive masculinity” and it’s got to be eliminated. Masculinity is the problem. Well, you don’t get more macho and masculine than the NFL and the derivatives — than football, period. There’s also a ton of money to be had in lawsuits. The way they’ve decided to go about this is by claiming that playing football is so violent and so barbaric that people who play it have shorter lifespans.

They commit suicide, commit violence to women, commit violence on other people, and basically lose their humanity. There have been repeatedly studies by oncologists and neurologists, and they’ve discovered this thing called CTE, which is a type of brain disease. Interestingly, it is only discoverable in autopsy. You cannot be diagnosed with it. There’s no way it can be seen in a living brain, at least now. So autopsies have been conducted. Players have been convinced to surrender their brains to research upon their deaths.

There’s no question football’s a violent game. There’s no question that people who play the game are a different breed of cat. You and I wouldn’t last a single play out there, folks. We just wouldn’t. Those guys who play that game are so tough. I mean, one play on the line of scrimmage on the NFL and that would be it for most of us. We would… You watch it on TV, and even the hits on TV that look brutal? You have no idea. If you could just find your way to the sideline of an NFL game, it would totally change your perception.

But people play it out of choice. It has become a way to establish a great living, to earn a lot of money. The window to do this is very limited. Michael Strahan who’s Good Morning America, Live with Kelly back when he did that. He’s a Hall of Fame defensive end for the New York Giants. He said the other day that he and most players don’t want to know if they have CTE. They don’t want to carry this around with them the rest of their lives. They’d rather not know. They made the choice to play. If it happens, it happens.

But there’s also the power of suggestion happening. You know, Junior Seau commits suicide and immediately it was football. There was no doubt. The media picked it up and ran with it, just like the media is picking up… I was reading my tech blogs the other day. You know, this poll came out that said 99% of players in the NFL have CTE. It was very misleading. They interviewed 111 players and they found a couple that had not had CTE or some strain of it. I’m reading my tech blogs — and believe me, the people that write these tech blogs wouldn’t know what shoulder pads are.

Guaranteed they wouldn’t know what a jockstrap is, and they’re writing about football as though it’s the most abhorrent, the most vulgar, the most violent thing. It’s so unrepresentative of our culture, it needs to stop, and this research was applauded. And this is how it all happens. Media inertia is created and a “consciousness” is created. And I guarantee you, folks, it’s just a matter of time now. I don’t know what the length of time is. Twenty years, 15, I don’t know what. Football’s days are numbered.

They have been so effective in politicizing everything about CTE and injuries. Not just brain injuries, but with the other injuries that are incurred that now everybody watching a game sees. Whenever there is a collision among players involving the head, I guarantee you most people say, “Ooh, CTE! CTE! Ooh! Is he gonna be damaged for life?” The sensitivity, the awareness, the consciousness-raising of all this is very effective, and they are creating in the minds of an increasing number of fans that the game is not safe.

And, of course, once that becomes officially established, there’s a slew of money there that can be pursued going after the owners and the league. “Because, of course, they knew all of this!” They’re gonna end up being the tobacco companies before it’s all done. “They knew that they were putting their players at risk of even death and they didn’t care because they’re nothing more than the modern equivalent of slave owners!

“They’re profiting on this barbaric behavior that we haven’t seen since Christians were thrown to the lions in Ancient Rome, or the gladiators were forced to entertain the emperors at the point of a sword.” I can see all this happening. They haven’t figured out the racial component yet. That’s next. Seventy-five percent of the players in the league are black, and when they figure that component out, “The owners are subjecting not just players! African-American players are suffering the greatest percentage of these life-threatening brain injuries!”

Once they get that out there, the players, as of now, most of them don’t want to hear about it. But there are occasional player retirements in their twenties after four or five years ’cause they hear the news too. There was a former linebacker for the 49ers, Chris Borland, and he was a star player, had a great future, he quit after three seasons after all this research. He said, “I want my kids to be able to see me walk. I want to be able to talk to my kids and they can understand me when I’m 50.” I’m paraphrasing him.

Now, as to why, there’s no question as to why. Well, the left is the left. Everybody has to be a victim of something, folks. That’s how they secure their control. The players are victims of the owners and of the league. Everybody has to be a victim, and the left just can’t leave well enough alone. If they see something that disgusts them and they don’t like they have to make a move on it and wipe it out for everybody.

I know some of you are gonna smirk. I’m telling you, these pregame ceremonies with American flags that cover the whole field, that’s like showing Dracula the cross. And then the military band will come out there or a color guard and somebody will sing a national anthem, and then warplanes that spread death will do flyovers over these stadiums and that’s all it takes for the left to lose its collective mind.

You have a game of utter brutality, uber, uber, barbaric masculinity. Players being exploited and pounding themselves to death so rich owners can get richer and the military is celebrated and honored, it’s disgusting. And while that may sound simplistic and it’s not the total reason behind all this, it is certainly a factor.

It’s the same kind of thinking behind climate change. Everything is going to kill you. Everything’s gonna hurt you and somebody’s profiting from it and they must be stopped. No free will. The people playing the game subjecting their very lives or their brains to lifetime damage are victims. They do not know they have been lied to like the tobacco companies lied with Joe Camel.

The left has its formula, and the Drive-By Media swoops right in and carries the narrative. And we’re right smack-dab in the middle of this. And it’s not gonna stop. It’s not gonna reverse itself, because nobody’s gonna have the courage to tell these mealy mouths to shut up and go play racquetball or badminton or whatever and leave us alone.

Nobody has the guts to tell them that. Everybody’s gonna try to give them a little bit of what they want, new regulations on safety, fewer practices and contact, and it’s not gonna mollify all the criticism at all. Because every time the owners capitulate to any complaint, the left simply ratchets up more complaints, if they see a willingness to cave.

It’s kind of like the way the Republicans are dealt with. So the people that run this game are gonna eventually have to stand up for themselves. The players that play it are gonna have to stand up for themselves, otherwise there are gonna be more movies. There are going to be more illustrations, more doctors, more scientific studies, more scientific reports, more pictures of degenerated brains while you’re having dinner with your kids reading ESPN’s website and there’s a picture of a degenerated brain, “Mommy, Mommy, what caused this?”

“Turn that off, little Johnny. Don’t worry. It’ll never happen to you. That somebody played football. We’re never gonna let you play.” “That’s good. I don’t want play football, Mommy, I really don’t, I really don’t. It’s too dangerous.” And the process builds and grows.

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