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RUSH: So 755 U.S. diplomats must leave Russia according to Putin. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot of collusion goin’ on here. I mean, if Putin’s… 755 diplomats? We have that many diplomats over there at our embassy? (snorts) Actually, that’s 755 spies. (interruption) Well, you know they are. Some of them have to be spies. I don’t think they’re all spies. But, you know, the Russians have 455 Russian diplomats at their embassy in Washington and in New York, and they all are spies — even that fat Kislyak, who did nothing but go to lunch all the time.

That’s all the guy did. He went to lunch, and then he went to cocktail parties after lunch, getting ready for dinner, and he was always meeting with Republicans and Democrats and so forth. Like Mike Flynn and Jeff Sessions (chuckling) and so forth. “Vladimir Putin said 755 U.S. diplomats must leave Russia and warned that ties with Washington could be gridlocked for a long time, in a move Sunday that followed tough new American sanctions.”

None of this fits with collusion. None of this fits with Trump being Putin’s chosen candidate. None of this fits with Putin wanting Trump to be elected instead of the lovely and gracious Hillary. None of it fits with Russian meddling in election. Did the Russians have anything to do with the Electoral College count? Has it been alleged? (interruption) Well, because, you know, that’s really where the president’s elected when you get right down to it. And did Putin have…? Did they collude there? Did they hack the Electoral College? Have you ever seen the Electoral College entrance exam? Well, there isn’t one, ’cause it’s not actually a college.

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