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RUSH: This is from Reuters. “Hundreds of Counties at Risk for No Obamacare Insurer in 2018 — With Republican efforts to dismantle Obamacare in disarray, hundreds of U.S. counties are at risk…” Isn’t this rich? Obamacare’s imploding. It’s a total Democrat corruption. It’s the Republicans’ problem! It’s the Republicans’ fault, the way Reuters writes this.

“With Republican efforts to dismantle Obamacare in disarray, hundreds of U.S. counties are at risk of losing access to private health coverage in 2018 as insurers consider pulling out of those markets in the coming months. Republican senators failed this week to repeal and replace Obamacare, former President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law, creating new uncertainty over how the program providing health benefits to 20 million Americans…”

What an absolute… It makes me want to shout and spit vomit, this stuff is so outrageously miswritten. That whole paragraph is journalistic malpractice: “creating new uncertainty over how the program providing health benefits to 20 million Americans…” That’s what it was? I thought Obamacare took care of everybody! What do you mean “provided benefits for 20 million”? See, there’s that number again. No matter where you look in this stupid story: 20 million Americans. Obamacare “provided insurance for 20 million Americans” to save their lives.

The CBO said the repeal and replace would cause “20 million Americans to lose their health insurance.” It’s 20 million here, 20 million there. That’s what we did all this for? So Obama still has the halo over his head because he created something that insured 20 million and the Republicans have failed to take it away? So it’s a Republican problem that insurance companies are pulling out of the Obamacare exchanges?

You see how this works?

There’s not a single Republican fingerprint on this stupid law! You know, Trump thinks the Democrats are gonna own this implosion, and we’re gonna see to it here that that’s true. But the media is gonna be out there trying to hang this albatross around the Republicans’ heads ’cause they didn’t fix it, and yet when Obamacare came out, it was panacea! Remember? It was another step along the road to utopia. It was a wonderful thing! “Affordable health care for all Americans.” I’ll never forget Pelosi saying this. She still doesn’t know what’s in it!

“Affordable health care for all Americans.” Now, it’s falling apart, and it’s the Republicans’ problem, because they can’t repeal it or fix it or replace it, and it’s still the greatest piece of legislation ever because it’s Obama’s, because it insured 20 million people. There are 20 million people the Republicans want to take it away from. But it’s their fault for not fixing it. How is the average, ordinary consumer of news supposed to make sense of this? Well, the average, ordinary consumer of news won’t.

The average, ordinary consumer of news is gonna think that Obamacare was a great thing that gave health insurance to 20 million Americans and Republicans wanted to take it away ’cause they’re just like corporations. They want to kill people, and they want people to get sick, and the Republicans failed to do it because the Democrats hung tough along with a couple of Republicans. So you now have “20 million Americans will not lose their health insurance,” but everybody else will, because the exchanges are imploding, and it’s the greatest thing ever because Obama did it.

Who in the world but me could ever translate this effectively like that? Nobody, and certainly not your average, ordinary American. You notice the wording. It’s now become a fact that the Republicans “failed” to fix Obamacare when Obamacare was wonderful! It was brilliant. It was the first step to utopia. But it’s falling apart ’cause of the Republicans. The Democrats — my point is — are never blamed for any of this. Never! Obama’s never blamed. They remain victims. Obama’s a victim of these dastardly Republicans wanting to deny health insurance to 20 million Americans.

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