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RUSH: When John McCain dramatically killed the Obamacare repeal the Drive-By Media was ecstatic. The old Maverick had returned with a heroic trifecta: He slapped Republican Party members in the face again. And more importantly, he gave a huge middle finger to President Trump. And, most important of all, he saved Obamacare and the Obamacare legacy.

Well, maybe.

The Drive-By Media knows Obamacare is imploding. So they ran stories all weekend long about what has to happen to fix it.

Two issues need immediate fixes. First, the cost. For millions of users Obamacare is already unaffordable. And within weeks prices are going to go up again as insurance companies tally up yet another year of disastrous losses.

There’s only one fix. Obamacare users will need more taxpayer money, more and higher subsidies.

The second problem that has to be addressed? Despite all the hype about how popular Obamacare has become, in many areas, it isn’t even available. Insurance companies have pulled out. Users can’t afford it; and neither can they.

There’s only one fix for that, too. More taxpayer money to subsidize the insurance companies so that they will provide coverage.

So after lacking courage to repeal Obamacare we’re about to find out which Republicans can’t wait to play ball with Democrats to fix it. Hold onto your wallets, folks. As always, the fix is your back pocket.

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