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RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Do you think a major conservative Republican fat cat donor would have been able to keep secret eight different sexual harassment settlements? You think they would have been able to keep that out of the media for decades? Just remember what all has happened at Fox News in recent years and compare that to what’s happening here with Harvey Weinstein of The Weinstein Company and prior to that Miramax. It’s astounding to look at two comparisons.

It ought not be astounding because we all ought to know by now, but the thing that makes it different, everybody apparently knew about Harvey Weinstein. Everybody that worked with him, everybody that took money from him, everybody that palled around with him all throughout Hollywood, everybody knew. Whenever we have news reports about some executive at Fox News, sexual harassment, it’s a shock and it’s a stunner and we never knew and nobody had any idea and it’s still not conclusive.

And yet those people are made to walk the plank. And here Harvey Weinstein gets to apologize and promise everybody he’s gonna double down going after the NRA, as though that is gonna buy him some leniency. And it will, folks. You remain loyal to the cause on the left and they’ll tolerate anything. But how transparent. I saw this yesterday afternoon, and I just started laughing out loud. Harvey Weinstein issues whatever apologies. (imitating Weinstein) “You know, I came from the sixties. You got away with a lot more back in the sixties.” Harvey, I came from the sixties, too, and I remember when the feminazis started taking over in the late sixties and early seventies, and so do you, pal. You just ignored ’em and didn’t have anything to do with ’em, and everybody knew. That’s the thing here.

The New York Times has known about this for years. What triggered this, folks? Why all of a sudden now is the New York Times breaking the seal on this? Something had to happen to cause it. But, Harvey, I want to give you some advice here, buddy. I never met Harvey. But you’re playing this all wrong. Apologizing and promising to bury Wayne LaPierre and all that, that isn’t what do, Harvey. You need to get the neck brace.

You learn from Ted Kennedy, you get the neck brace, fake an auto accident or something, but get a neck brace on there as quickly as you can. And then you learn from Bill Clinton, have a meeting with Jesse Jackson and walk around with the Torah. He’s Jewish, so the Bible won’t work. But walk around with a religious book. That’s how Bill Clinton did it. Meeting with Jesse Jackson. Ted Kennedy, of course, with the neck brace.

You know, somebody needs to ask Michelle Obama about a woman running for president who takes money from a serial abuser and sexual harasser like Harvey Weinstein. Remember, folks, everybody knew about it. Everybody knew about his behavior. The women involved were all talking. People at The Weinstein Company knew, everybody knew. And, in fact, if you have any experience reading gossip columns, particularly New York Post Page Six, the stories of what a boorish man Harvey Weinstein is are frequent and legion.

Not a nice guy. Very intimidating person. A lot of people scared to death, particularly young budding actresses and anybody else who wants to become anything in the movie business, scared to death. Harvey Weinstein scared nurses when he was in the hospital to try to quit smoking. He was a brute. You know what? Harvey Weinstein is as close to the prototype that young college women are being taught about men today as anybody you could come up with in public life. Young college women are being taught that men are predators, rape stories in all these leftist publications.

Turned out not to be true, but you know how women are being taught, young college-age women, men are brutes, men are predators, men beat women, men mistreat women. You have to shield your own kids from the father because the father is uncontrolled just barely, barely out of the cave. Harvey Weinstein comes as close to epitomizing what the left is trying to convince women men are of anybody that I know. And everybody knew it.

Now, what does that mean? When Hillary Clinton, when Bill Clinton took Harvey Weinstein — and, by the way, you know, there’s all kinds of White House log information about how many times Harvey Weinstein visited the Obama White House. Folks, Harvey Weinstein was at the White House frequently when Bill Clinton was there and when Obama was there. He was tight, he was tight with Democrat presidents, tight with the Democrat Party, a major donor, a major fundraiser. He threw parties for these people constantly.

What I’d like to see are how many trips to Chappaqua did Harvey Weinstein make when Hillary was not there but Bill was. There are a lot of people that are in that man group. I’m not gonna mention any names, but there are a lot of people in the Bill Clinton — what do you call it — posse that are I think breathing rather dangerously and nervously because Weinstein might have been in and out of that posse now and then. And if people are looking into Weinstein, who knows who else and what else they’re going to find, because everybody knew it, folks.

That remains the major point of this. Everybody knew it, which makes them the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth. All of these holier-than-thou social justice warriors preaching about sexual harassment, all of these female lawyers that are now lining up to represent Harvey, like Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred. The hypocrisy here is just dripping right off your TV screen, it is so thick.

So Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama take Harvey Weinstein’s money. She remained associated with him, and she knew this was going on. Of course, Hillary is not really a virgin in all this ’cause she knew about her own husband’s similar escapades. But the point is that Hillary Clinton remains silent. Will she try to now say that the vast right-wing conspiracy was also trying to nail Harvey Weinstein along with her husband? The vast right-wing conspiracy didn’t know who Harvey Weinstein was. The donor community does, but outside that very few do.

Did Hillary betray her gender, ladies and gentlemen? Did Hillary betray feminism here? Did Michelle (My Belle) Obama betray it? Did Barack Obama betray it here? Should the money that Weinstein donated be returned because it’s now filthy? Should Hillary go to the microphones and the cameras and say she didn’t know, “I had no idea, just like I didn’t know about Benghazi. I had no idea. I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed, and I’m returning the money.” Don’t hold your breath.

And it might become awkward for Michelle (My Belle) because her husband took money from Harvey too. But that doesn’t matter because Michelle Obama is the voice of reason. That’s what we’re told. Should the money be returned? They all knew. I’m thinking of the outrage at Cam Newton yesterday versus everybody trying to cover their tracks, “Hey, hey, hey, yeah, it’s bad, it’s bad but, you know, Harvey understands that now, and Harvey’s on the road to rehab. Harvey gets it, and he’s working hard here.”

That’s the line coming out of the pro-Harvey camp. Cam Newton, they didn’t just make this guy apologize, they made Cam Newton grovel yesterday. And he did, very well. Snerdley, did you watch the football game last night, the Patriots and Buccaneers? Nor did I, but I happened to see a segment from the halftime show, Deion Sanders, who could teach these Democrats a lot about backpedaling, by the way. I mean, that’s what you have to do as a cornerback.

Deion Sanders and Bill Cowher, the former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. And Deion was (paraphrasing), “Okay, he apologized. He gets it, let’s move on.” Bill Cowher, “Oh, no, it isn’t that easy. Words don’t mean anything. We need to watch his behavior going on. Actions speak louder than words. I’m not impressed with what he said.” This is after Cam Newton groveled. We have the audio sound bites coming up.

So Hollywood blacklists conservatives that they consider to be misogynists while promoting and protecting Harvey Weinstein and his ilk. Hollywood as the home for great pretenders is a place where Harvey Weinstein would fit right in. But look, Hollywood lectures everybody else while acting as a sanctuary city for misogynist feminists. It is. Hollywood is a sanctuary city for every reprobate leftist there is.

How about Roman Polanski, who has been convicted of rape, and he’s still accepted into the Hollywood community because of his immense talents behind the camera. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a feminist fraud if there ever was one, thought Hollywood would lift her across the finish line last November. Most Democrat candidates do. Instead of, Hollywood was an anchor, Hollywood was the equivalent of a cement swimsuit for Hillary Clinton.

You know, most of us get the difference between the fiction Hollywood creates and who the creators are as people. We’re not as stupid as 95% of them think. So we know the Hollywood left will back up, will fund and promote left-wing political organizations, and they will have the back of left-wing social reprobates when it is necessary.

But I still come back to the fact that everybody knew — and when I say “everybody,” I’m talking about other power brokers in Hollywood, male and female. I’m talking about all the politicians that Weinstein palled around with and donated money to. They all knew. They all took his monies. They all accepted his invitations. They invited him. There’s a word for that: enabler. There’s another word for that: complicit.

How many women were sexually harassed or assaulted because nobody spoke up the past eight years or however many years, maybe decades, it’s been? And we’re not talking about Cam Newton disrespectful. We’re talking about the sexual harassment of the highest order. A powerful man with total leverage over younger, ambitious women in the workplace. Very much like Bill Clinton’s behavior while governor and president.

If Washington is a swamp, Hollywood is a cesspool. And Harvey Weinstein joins some special company. A Hall of Fame, if you will, of male Democrat feminists, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Carlos Danger, and now Harvey Weinstein.


Everybody knew, folks. They could have stopped it decades ago. How many people are complicit here? It’s no wonder Ashley Judd’s a mess. It is no wonder. It’s because of Harvey Weinstein. A fellow Democrat abused her. She was abused as a child by one of her mother’s boyfriends. She was abused by an older man who lived in her town. She’s almost as cheated on and abused as Hillary Clinton is. No, not quite, Hillary still holds the record there, but, for crying out loud. This kind of explains a little bit why Ashley Judd has this visceral reaction that she has to Trump because of what she thinks Trump is.

Trump can’t hold a candle to any of this. None of us can. There was a tweet from one of the Hollywood actresses, Brooklyn Decker, and this makes some sense. She says we condemn Trump saying, you know, where he grabs women, the Hollywood, the NBC Access Hollywood video, we condemn that and we condone Harvey Weinstein? That’s exactly right. Remember how they all went ape excrement over the Access Hollywood video, and now they’re all trying to cover for Harvey. They’re saying this is unacceptable, but they’re still scared of the guy, they’re still trying to find ways to accommodate this, not hold him to account.

And Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred who routinely appears with lines and lines of serially abused women suing somebody, Lisa Bloom is having one of her books adapted by Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein’s adapting her book and putting it on film.

Don’t you just love this? The daughter of Gloria Allred, in an attempt to help Hillary be elected, represented, dug out, and told ’em what to say in front of cameras numerous women who said that Trump had harassed them, all cases that went nowhere. Now her daughter, also harassment attorney, is supporting Harvey, who has well documented settlements of harassments going on 30 years.

Meanwhile, Jay Z, the husband of Beyonce, and Harvey are producing Lisa Bloom’s series on Trayvon Martin! What a cluster! Let’s go to the audio sound bites. This morning Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos interviewing Lisa Bloom, Harvey’s lawyer. “Did he sexually harass women?”

BLOOM: Harvey has acknowledged, yes, that there was misconduct over a period of years. He has certainly a very bad temper, and that’s a big part of the problem. He’s well-known for that. He’s a big, loud guy. People are intimidated by him.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Ashley Judd says she went for a business meeting, said he proposed a massage, asked if she would watch him shower. Is she lying?

BLOOM: No. No. I have great respect for Ashley Judd, and so does Harvey. I’m glad they come forward. I encourage them to come forward. Harvey has authorized me to say that. I mean, this is a very different day. What do you do if you have behaved badly for 30 years? Are you going to continue or are you going to start, you know, a different approach? That’s what he’s doing.

RUSH: This is unreal! Anybody else they would be trying to ruin! They would be trying to ruin them with lawsuits, they would be trying to ruin their careers, instead praising their late arrival to maturity. Yeah, he was a pig and everybody knew at the, yeah, he’s gross, and everybody knew it, yeah, he hit on Ashley, everybody knew it. But you know what, what do you do if you behave badly for 30 years?

You bash the NRA and you bash Wayne LaPierre and you tell everybody you’re not gonna stop until Wayne LaPierre is in the grave or some such thing. And then you get a woman, the daughter of another woman, two sexual harassment lawyers who participate in trying to ruin men, falsely or accurately accused of it, now coming to Harvey’s defense. And what do they do in defending? Admit that Harvey’s a reprobate, admit that Harvey’s a pig. But Harvey knows it now, and Harvey is trying to reform. A beautiful thing.


RUSH: Now, stick with me on this, folks. You know nothing that happens here is isolated. It all links. I bring it all together. Every day at some point in the program, everything, even though it sounds isolated, may be disparate, it all adds up to meaning something consistent.

Now, look at this story here. This is from our old buddies at The Daily Caller, but actually it’s a piece of research from Campus Reform. The headline: “College Course Wonders Why Women Are Becoming More Conservative — Amherst College in Massachusetts is offering a fall 2017 course to try to figure out why women are becoming more conservative.

“The course, entitled ‘Contemporary Debates: Women and Right-Wing Populism,’ will ‘explore the consequences of neoliberalism, cultural conservatism, Islamophobia, and anti-immigrant sentiments for women of different social and economic strata as well as women’s divergent political responses,’ according to the course description.

“The college says students will delve into the topic of why some women have chosen to become conservative leaders while others have allied with liberal, anti-racist and progressive causes. The course will look at whether transnational influences have affected women’s activism and will also examine what impact the surge of ‘far right’ women has had and will have on both gender and sexuality.”

Required reading include Susna Faludi’s In The Dark Room and The Handmaid’s Tale. Do you know what that’s about? Hulu made a miniseries out of it. It was written some time ago by a woman named Margaret Atwood. It’s dystopian as opposed to utopian and it is about the future in which women are literally nothing but servants of men for the purposes of sex and domestic things. I mean, it is every cliche the women’s movement, which I like when walking behind it, has been for. Except it’s presented as a horror story, and the women in the show are dressed as though they are Amish. And they’re all dressed alike.

I mean, it is a paranoid feminazi’s nightmare that was made into a book and made into miniseries. My tech blogs, these kids are reading it, and they think it’s right on, man, it’s right on, it’s right where we’re headed. It’s exactly what Trump would do. It’s exactly what Trump would do if we’re not careful. Meanwhile, over here is Harvey Weinstein, who is mistreating women, who is treating them as nothing but sex objects. And Harvey Weinstein is a hero, everybody wants to be Harvey Weinstein and want to do what Harvey Weinstein does, produce movies about great progressive causes.

They all knew. While making TV series The Handmaid’s Tale about how rotten conservatives treat women, there’s Harvey Weinstein, who knows, he may have invested in it. I don’t know. The rank hypocrisy here reeks. Back to Lisa Bloom. Stick with me. It all comes together, folks. Lisa Bloom on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos who, by the way, ran the Clinton war room and one of his jobs was to identify women that were gonna come forward and accuse Bill Clinton of things like Harvey Weinstein’s accused of and Stephanopoulos’s job was to help destroy them, along with James Carville and others in the Clinton war room.

And now here is the lawyer, Lisa Bloom, the daughter of Gloria Allred defending Harvey, speaking up for Harvey, more so than a lawyer would about a client, on Good Morning America. Stephanopoulos’ question: “Mr. Weinstein appeared naked or nearly or fully naked in front of these women requiring to be present while he bathed or asking for a massage or initiating a massage himself.” This what happened to Ashley Judd. As I say, it’s no wonder she’s affected. And Stephanopoulos says, “Lisa, this is a real pattern, a real pattern of yuk. For over 30 years. This is like textbook sexual harassment, Lisa, your client.”

BLOOM: It’s gross. Yes.


BLOOM: Yes. You know, I agree. I’m working with a guy who has behaved badly over the years who is genuinely remorseful, who says, you know, “I have caused a lot of pain” —

STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay. He’s admitted to you he sexually harassed women.

BLOOM: You’re using the term sexual harassment which is a legal term, so I’m using the term workplace misconduct. Telling someone they look like in a dress, for example, is not sexual harassment.

RUSH: (laughing) What does she call it, workplace misconduct. Kind of like what the guy in the Army at Fort Hood, workplace violence. It isn’t sexual harassment. You’re not gonna con me here into agreeing it’s a legal term. It was more than sexual harassment, folks. I mean, have you seen the guy? Who would want to watch him take a shower? Who would want to watch Harvey Weinstein take a shower? Well, but wait a minute. The thing is, there are people answering right, “I would.” You know there are, especially if it meant a role in a Harvey Weinstein movie. (interruption) What do you mean, Snerdley, who would want to watch any man take a shower?

Do you really have that low a self-image, that you can’t imagine anybody wanting to watch any man take a shower? Do you not know what happens in there? Well, okay. Speak for yourself in there, big boy. I’m just saying that there are people out there who would probably say, “I would do it. I would do it.” (interruption) Well, of course men will watch women do anything. Throw that out. I mean, that’s not a good comparison.

One more Lisa Bloom. It all comes together, just hang in with me now. So Stephanopoulos says, “You say you’re tutoring Harvey.” Folks, do you follow this? Here’s 30 years, and she says now that the New York Times has published it, Harvey realizes he made a mistake. Do you all remember the name Anita Dunn from the Obama administration? She has a crisis PR firm and advisory firm. Hang on just a second. Screen savers interrupt me more than anything else does on this show.

Anita Dunn, if you remember, it was in the summer of Obama’s first term, so 2009, it was somewhere — I think it was the National Cathedral. Now, I could be wrong. It was some summit going on. Anita Dunn, I’m pretty sure gave a rousing endorsement of Mao Tse-tung and what a brilliant general he was and how skilled he was at turning his country into communism with the cultural revolution.

Well, it turns out — get this — she was a primary adviser to Obama. She was advising Harvey before the Times story published. So people that worked for Obama who knew what Harvey did were rushing to his defense. These are the same people that spare no time, waste no time or expense in ruining, trying to ruin Republicans or conservatives who haven’t done diddly-squat, either for real or by comparison. So here is Stephanopoulos. “You say you’re tutoring Harvey. What does that mean? How do you tutor this guy?”

BLOOM: It means I explain to him things like the way you talk to your guy friends, you know, when you’re going out for a beer is not appropriate in the workplace.

RUSH: Are you kidding me?

BLOOM: You can’t have a lot of cursing, you can’t tell sexual —

RUSH: Come on.

BLOOM: — sexual stories. You can’t hit on women in the workplace. Not only is it illegal, it’s wrong because it causes pain to women. And it needs to stop right now. His biggest problem is anger, which he says he’s been in therapy and working on for 10 years. And he still has a long way to go on that. He gets very angry. He’s a big guy with a loud voice, and I think that’s a big part of the problem.

RUSH: He is an angry guy. He scares everybody. Don’t doubt me on this. But do you believe this? Here’s Lisa Bloom, a lawyer, the daughter of Gloria Allred. “I had to explain Harvey things about the way you talk to your guy friends, you know, when you’re going out for a beer is not appropriate in the workplace.” Come on, Ms. Bloom. Are you trying to tell us that Harvey’s so infantile he didn’t know that?

The truth is Harvey knows all this stuff; he doesn’t care. He’s Harvey Weinstein! Now they try to tell us that Harvey was naive, innocently naive, he didn’t know that you can’t talk around women the way you talk with guys having a beer. Come on! What kind of saps do you think your audience — well, now that I ask that, it is the Good Morning America audience, and it could be comprised of many saps.

But even so, it is an insult to our intelligence. “I had to tell Harvey that you can’t tell sex stories to women.” Yes, you can, if the woman loves you, if the woman knows you, if you have a relationship with her, yes, you can. It’s just you can’t with women that don’t know you or who need something out of you besides that if they want to work for you. But the fact he doesn’t know this, he knows all of this. This is like Clinton and his numerous apologies. (imitating Clinton) “Frankly I was unaware. I didn’t know how it was coming across to some of these women.”

“You mean when your hand was –”

“That’s right. I had no idea that that was objectionable.”


“Hillary never did.”

“Really? Okay.” The things these people trying to get away with.

Now, let’s go to back to Vegas, shall we? This morning on CNN’s New Day, the Fill-In Co-Host Poppy Harlow spoke with Las Vegas shooting survivor Stephanie Melanson about meeting President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. And Poppy Harlow says, “You guys got to meet with the president and the first lady, and that was really meaningful. Can you tell us about it?”

MELANSON: Even this moment, they’re real people. He’s a real human. She’s a real human. They had a heart. They were caring. They were sympathetic. And he had a listening ear. He sends his condolences. Before he could finish talking, she got up and just beelined over to us and just hugged me and told me “Your mom is strong, she’s a fighter, she’ll be okay. She’s gonna make it.”

RUSH: Poppy Harlow looked like she was about to vomit. This is not the message that CNN wants on there about Trump. They made the mistake here of not knowing what this patient was gonna say. But listen to this. “You guys got to meet the president and first lady. Can you tell us about it?”

“Even in this moment, they’re real people. He’s a real human. She’s a real human. They had a heart. They were caring.” That was news. That was news. Who knows what this woman believed of Donald Trump before she met him. I think we have a pretty good idea. If she pays any attention to the news at all she thinks that Trump’s a pig, that Trump’s a reprobate, that Trump’s whatever kind of bad you can think of and multiply it times 10 because that’s what the media’s been telling her.

All this time Harvey Weinstein’s a great guy. Hollywood loves Harvey Weinstein. He’s one of the movers and shakers. And for 30 years they knew he was a reprobate, looked the other way. They make it up, they lie about Donald Trump. When people meet Donald Trump. He’s human. He had a heart, they were caring, they were sympathetic. Breaking news, CNN. Donald Trump and Melania Trump are human beings with a heart. That was the breaking news. This is all such a freaking mess. And everywhere you go, you want an explainer, you want to find out why? If the media is involved, there is your answer.


RUSH: Let’s get started on the phones, shall we? We have Jane in Houston. Jane, you’re up first on Open Line Friday. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I do not believe I’m speaking to you. I have been listening to you for years and years and years.

RUSH: I appreciate it. I really do. I’m glad you made it through.

CALLER: And one of the times that I was listening to you was while I was working at the Weinstein Company, and I would stream your program every day.

RUSH: Wait a sec. Where was that? Where did you go to work when you worked for Weinstein?

CALLER: I lived in New York.

RUSH: In New York.

CALLER: Last decade.

RUSH: Yeah, that’s the world headquarters.

CALLER: I was with Miramax and Weinstein.

RUSH: Wow. So you’ve been there a long time?

CALLER: I’m not there now. I moved back to Texas in 2010.

RUSH: I see. So what do you think of all of this?

CALLER: I think it’s hilarious. I think that it is amazing that it’s all coming to light now, when everyone’s known about this stuff forever.

RUSH: Well, I have a question for you. I don’t expect you to — I mean, this is not accusatory. Don’t misunderstand my tone, but you did work there, and you said, like we all know now, that everybody knew. Why didn’t anybody step forward, do you think?

CALLER: I think part of it was the intimidation factor and he’s very powerful and he had a long reign in Hollywood making Oscar caliber films and —

RUSH: True. Okay, so what’s changed then? Why did the Times run this? They’ve known this. They’ve been working on this for years. Harvey tried to threaten them out of running it, but they ran it, they’re standing by it. His lawyers are admitting that all this is basically true but she’s tutoring him, he’s gonna be a good boy now. Why now? There has to be a reason.

CALLER: I’m not sure. I mean, I think his power has started to wane a bit in Hollywood —

RUSH: Well, that would mean he’s out of money. When you’re out of money in Hollywood, you’re out of power. So that would mean maybe he’s got financial problems. That’s what I was thinking that might be —

CALLER: I mean, that’s kind of been plaguing the company for a while. I’m not speaking as an authority on that, but just what I read in the paper now about what’s going on —

RUSH: What did you do there? What was your job?

CALLER: Everyone’s gonna know who I am if I start talking about all this —

RUSH: Wait a minute. If you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to do that. I’m not asking you to violate any security that you want to have here.

CALLER: Right. I will say that I did not have direct dealings with him on a day-to-day basis.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: I did encounter him in the office, but I was not one of these people who worked directly for him or has experience in hotel rooms with him, nothing to that extent.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: More like just hearing stuff and just hearing stories about him in Hollywood in general. But it was a fun place to work.

RUSH: Yeah. It was Hollywood. I mean, it’s the movie business. I understand the allure. I do. Jane, hang on here just a second. Don’t go away. We’ll be back here in just a second, but always follow the money. I know there’s been stories of the company being out of money, but I mean more than that. That could explain why.


RUSH: It’s not a total explanation, but I really think — one little addendum here on Harvey Weinstein — why is it happening now? It is abundantly clear that everybody was afraid of this guy. I mean, he bullied everybody, not just women, other execs. He was the kind of guy you just didn’t want to deal with. He was boorish and all this is widely known. None of this is revealed — well, it is in the New York Times story, but this aspect of Harvey’s personality is widely known and for a long time.

But the fact that he’s got money problems means he’s got power problems. In Hollywood, no money, no power. It’s that simple. Whether it be corporate or personal, they both matter. Hollywood’s showbiz. It’s a place for shows, meaning impressions. It’s make-believe. And if something happens and the make-believe gets blown to smithereens, then you are in heap big doo-doo. A little Indian lingo there.

Now, there have been all these payouts. I don’t know how much Harvey’s had to pay, but there are at least eight of them, and they have probably been pretty sizable in order for everybody to stay quiet. The money had to be sufficient to guarantee that. That money’s gotta come somewhere. And if it came from the company by hook or by crook, it would be awfully difficult to show profit above the line if you are doing that.

Now, I don’t say this to excuse old Harvey here, but there may be a reason why the women stayed quiet. It could have — I’m not saying that it did — but it could have evolved among the chitchat among women in Hollywood that if you can somehow finagle yourself into getting harassed by Harvey, you could get a huge payout. Yeah, Snerdley’s looking at me. “Oh, yeah. I never thought of that.” Don’t doubt that for a moment, folks. I mean, we’re not dealing with pure, virginal, white innocence here anywhere in this story. Okay? We’re talking about Hollywood where the casting couch has long been known as a reality.

So is it possible that no one ever talked about this before because young starlets knew, the word had spread they could get a lot of cash if they could finagle themselves into a situation to be harassed by Harvey? In other words, kind of like a reverse honey pot. Oh, yeah, Snerdley likes this theory. Reverse honey pot or maybe even not a reverse, double reverse honey pot, just straight honey pot. Young starlets could profit by allowing themselves to be hit on by Harvey.

What would it take, watching the guy naked take a shower? If the payout for that is sufficient, who wouldn’t do it? If the word spreads: “Yeah, I got X-number of dollars,” whatever the payout is. Gossip. “Yeah, I got all kinds of money. All you gotta do is get an invitation, man, you too.” I mean, it’s a long shot. And I’m not offering it to excuse Harvey.

Well, it may be a long shot, but it does sound real. We’re talking Hollywood here. We’re talking conniving left and right, up and down. We’re talking about you never know when anybody is sincere in Hollywood. They’re all actors. You never know. If you deal with a very accomplished actor or actress, you have no idea when reality ends or begins.


RUSH: Ray in Livermore, California. Great to have you, Ray. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Thanks for being there, Rush. Mega leftist chicken come home to roost dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: We have window into leftist thinking today, and especially Hillary Clinton. Now we understand why the left sees every man as a sexual harasser, as a predator, as a rapist, and now we understand what the glass ceiling is also, Rush. Because every man around Hillary Clinton, as you already ticked off with your list, is a predator, slash, harasser, slash, rapist, and therefore all men are because that’s all she sees in her world.

RUSH: You know, this is actually a very valid point. It’s a great illustration by way of exaggeration that makes people think. You’re right, here come all of these leftists have all these horrible things that they say men are, these horrible visions: rapists, sexists, swine and this kind of stuff. And their experience with men in their world might bear that out. Look at who the big stars on the left happen to be: Teddy Kennedy murdered a woman. Well, manslaughter. Neck brace got him out of trouble. Bill Clinton sexual harasser, serial this and that. Harvey Weinstein, I mean, the list is endless. It’s a good point, actually!


RUSH: Here’s Fred in Jacksonville, Florida. Hey, Fred, how are you doing?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for having me. I sure appreciate you.

RUSH: You bet, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: You know, I mentioned to Mr. Snerdley, it’s amazing to me that these genius talking heads on the extreme left wanted our president, President Trump, run out of town on a rail in flames over some comments that he made to another guy that were recorded on a bus with nothing but guys around. But now those same as same talking heads, those same wizards of smart, they know that Mr. Weinstein just needs some tutoring. And he’s a serial pervert. But we have to be a little more understanding, a little more genteel and accepting of his condition or his behavior, you know, his workplace inappropriateness. So I think I’ve come up with a solution that suits everybody. Let’s put him in charge of NFL tryouts. What do you think about that? We’re dealing with two issues at once right there. I’m a problem solver. It’s what I do.

RUSH: (laughing) NFL tryouts?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Cheerleader tryouts, what tryouts?

CALLER: No, no, the players. You know, they have such a hard time with, you know, being in a man’s world and the way that we do things and he’s obviously an expert at seeing and entertaining. Let’s bring those two worlds together and let them all enjoy each other and all their leftist ways of doing things.

RUSH: Teach them how to get away with it until the New York Times finds out about it. You know, that is very, very clever. The answer to your comparison is valid. Here’s Harvey. We now know decades of sexual harassment, a minimum eight settlements, eight big payouts. We have women who’ve come forth and identified themselves as victims. And now we’ve got a lawyer, Lisa Bloom, who has been trying to put men away for this now claiming, “Well, you know, Harvey, he just old-fashioned. He comes from the sixties. I’m gonna tutor him. I’m gonna teach Harvey.”

What could go wrong with this? First place, Harvey is not unaware of what he was doing wrong. But they’re trying to concoct this excuse. “Well, you know, Harvey came from the sixties.” He’s even said that. “You know, I grew up in a different time.” We all did, Harvey. And all the rest of us have had to adapt to what the left says we have to do or else. But now since Harvey is a good liberal, Harvey has given money to fellow sexual harassers. He has partied with them and propped them up like Bill Clinton. And he’s been very tight with Barack Obama.

So Harvey’s a good liberal. So we think Harvey can be perfected because half of the problem doesn’t exist. Harvey’s not a conservative. So, yeah, he may be a pervert, but he’s ours. And we’re gonna have Lisa Bloom tutor Harvey on what he was doing wrong and how to change it. You know, that alone may be worth the price.

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