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RUSH: Now, we need to wrap up a little business from yesterday. We spent some time talking about one of the founders of the Lincoln Project (this Never Trumper bunch), John Weaver. John Weaver. A New York Times story indicated that Mr. Weaver had sexually abused a minor, and had made sexual advances against men, on men.

He’d been caught doing this, and one of them, at least one, was a minor. So all day yesterday and then the day before we had members of the Lincoln Project, like George Conway — who appeared on TV constantly with Mr. Weaver. Weaver ran the McCain campaigns (McCain impression), “In 2000, 2000, 2000… What is? Yeah, 2000, 2000 what was it? Yeah, 2008, yeah. Yeah.”

That’s what it was. So Weaver was all over. The McCain family knew this guy. Everybody knew this guy, and they all claimed, “We had no idea, had no idea! He was hitting on minor guys? We had no idea that he was deviant like this! We had no idea.” George Conway, the wife of Kellyanne Conway, who has written op-eds with him, appeared on TV with him?

(summarized) “Oh, this is terrible. Oh, my God. Oh, I don’t know. Oh, this is so devastating. Oh, this so bad. Oh, I didn’t know! I didn’t know any of it. This is so bad.” You knew it all! Everybody knew it, just like everybody knew what was being cooked up against Trump. Audio sound bite number one: Here’s Karl Rove yesterday afternoon on The Story with Martha MacCallum.

Her question: “The Lincoln Project. A lot of accusations from young men. They called John Weaver a sexual predator. You mentioned that this was a concern of yours in 2004. Now, you know, Karl, this isn’t something that anybody wants to be vindicated on. It turns out that you were right about it.”

ROVE: I’ve actually known about this pattern of behavior since 1988. All I want to say is, is that the 21 statements from those 21 young men who talked about how they’ve been approached by Mr. Weaver, that statement speaks for itself. And I don’t have anything to add to it. It’s a sad, sad chapter.

RUSH: Now, just yesterday, one of the many themes of the program was that everybody knew about the Russia hoax: The people involved in running it, the people involved in deploying it, they all knew. Well, it turns out they all knew about McCain’s right-hand man. McCain probably knew! Cindy McCain probably knew. Where does it stop for the people that knew?

Rove is admitting he’s known about this since 2004. That’s what Martha MacCallum said. “You mentioned this was a concern of yours in 2004.” Oh, wait! He said ’88. “I’ve actually known about this pattern of behavior since 1988.” Why wasn’t anything done about it? And when this guy is running around ripping Donald Trump as unfit for office on the basis he’s a deviant, on the basis that he has no morality, where were all these people saying, “John, shut up; you’re not the guy to carry the message”?

Well, he was the cofounder. They weren’t gonna tell him to shut up. Now, here is the guy that wrote the story in the New York Times. This guy’s name is Ryan Girdusky, and he was on with Laura Ingraham last night on the Fox News Channel. She said, “You say you have proof that the Lincoln Project members were lying when they said that they had just learned recently of weaver’s depravity. What do you mean?”

GIRDUSKY: This was the biggest open secret in Washington, D.C. The Lincoln Project was used for two purposes — a grift to make money and as a predatory running organization for John Weaver to get young men into bed. I mean, what you’ve seen in the media is nothing compared to what the messages I have are. And I’m not out to embarrass somebody.

But they are descriptive; they are disgusting. I have 30 young men, another writer had over 50. It’s probably over 100 young men in a five-year period. Bill Cosby would blush at the actions of John Weaver. It was the biggest open secret in Washington, D.C. Liberals I spoke to about the project I was working knew about John Weaver. And the media ran cover for John Weaver and for the Lincoln Project.

RUSH: Yeah, I wonder why they did that. ‘Cause they were all part of the everyday to get rid of Trump; so they ran cover for the guy. But here you have this reporter, he didn’t even include in his initial report the things he’s divulging here. “The biggest open secret in Washington”? The Lincoln Project… Mr. Snerdley, have you heard this?

Have you heard anywhere besides this guy say, “The Lincoln Project was used for two reasons, a grift to make money, and as a predatory grooming organization for John Weaver to get young men into bed”? Have you ever heard that that’s what the Lincoln Project was about? (interruption) Not until now. Same thing for me.

Not until now.

“A grift to make money.”

In other words, the two primary reasons for the existence of the Lincoln Project were illegitimate, or at least they are not the lofty ideals that they profess. “A grift to make money and as a…” So the Lincoln Project, all these guys in it apparently were aware — to one extent or another — that they were part of the project to help John Weaver coerce young men into bed. And this reporter, Ryan Girdusky, said that everybody knew this.


RUSH: I have a minor correction. We always do these corrections the moment I find out I have been in error. Ryan Girdusky, who wrote the story on John Weaver, is not with the New York Times. I assumed he was because the New York Times did the story. He’s an independent author, an independent journalist. He broke the story on his own a couple weeks ago and then the New York Times ran the story.

That’s what I saw, and I just assumed that he was a Times reporter. Not true. It’s not a big deal, but as I say: When I discover I’ve been wrong about something, I run the correction right as soon as I discover it. You know, we keep digging for more clips on John Weaver because it’s so illustrative of the fakery and the hypocrisy of all of these Never Trumpers. It’s just beyond the pale. And we’ve got another one.

This is from June 28th of last year on PBS, a program called The Open Mind.

WEAVER: I think I coined the phrase that the “army of the decent” are coming together in a grand coalition to hopefully oust Donald Trump and his enablers. We’ve known — you and I have certainly known and many others — from day one that this president was unfit to hold office. He was unfit morally.

RUSH: This from the guy founding the Lincoln Project who Girdusky says had two purposes: “A grift to make money and as a predatory grooming organization for John Weaver to get young men into bed,” and that everybody knew, that it was “one of the worst-kept secrets.” It might have been a hundred young men in a five-year period. Bill Cosby would be jealous. Not of the men part, but he’d be jealous of the operation.

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