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JASON: We’re gonna do our Road Trip with Rush. Now, we’ve been doing this on Fridays to lighten things up a little bit every so often, and every Friday we’ve been building a playlist with the audience from Rush’s bumper music and the commentary that went with it. You know, Rush was a deejay before he was a talk show host, and all good deejays have their favorite bumpers, their favorite music, and you bring ’em to your talk show.

I know I did that in my broadcast career like Rush did, and here’s a good one to take you into the weekend.

(Come On Eileen plays)

RUSH: A little Dexys Midnight Runners, a one-hit-wonder group from the U.K. back in the MTV days. Come On Eileen is the title of the tune. Fleeing immigration cops. Come On Eileen in the bumper rotation on the EIB Network.

JASON: You know that was a one-hit wonder, wasn’t it back in the mid-eighties? Great tune.

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