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RUSH: How about this? I'm through with the jobs numbers. The jobs numbers are bogus.  We lost twice as many jobs last month as were created.  The unemployment rate is 42%.  It is not 5.3%.  The economy isn't growing.  There's nothing better today than it was in the last two years of the Clinton administration.  Nothing!  Everything is worse, including public attitude.  You just can't find it because people are afraid to express it. 

RUSH: All right, look, you can't avoid this kind of stuff happening out there.  The e-mails, checked 'em at the top of the hour: "Hey, you're giving all this time to Trump.  You know, Christie announced yesterday, why don't you give him some?"  Okay, okay, okay, I hear you, I understand. 

RUSH: This is another example.  I don't understand why anybody would want to destroy Dr. Ben Carson, but they're trying to. The Democrats are.  He's one of the most decent, finest human beings we have in the country. And Clarence Thomas is the same, and yet they're out destroying him, and they've not stopped trying. 

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