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RUSH: If you know one thing, know this:  The Republican Party in Washington, establishment, whatever you want to call them, they fear government shutdowns.  They fear that more than they fear anything, because of the 1995 budget deal and repeated attempts to shut down the government.  They are scared of the media. They're scared of the Democrats. They think that's why they're losing is because they've talked about shutting down the government.  Cruz did it.  

RUSH: Newspaper endorsements don't matter much, if at all, and even some political personality endorsements don't carry the weight that they used to.  But Pence could, given his reputation and his success in Indiana. On the other side you have Trump, who was endorsed by Bobby Knight.  And Bobby Knight said that he doesn't know if Trump is a Republican or Democrat and he doesn't even know what a conservative is. 

RUSH: The media has ceased their primary objective of destroying Republicans when it comes to Trump.  And instead they're propping him up.  And the reason they are doing it is the media landscape is changing so fast. It's becoming so compartmentalized, it's becoming so niche that attracting massive, big audiences anymore is not possible because there's just too much competition... They have found gold in Trump.  Trump attracts and holds an audience like they can't... And it's reflected in the ratings and it's reflected in advertising revenue, but -- and this is Campbell Brown's point -- more importantly, the news media themselves love it because where they work now has audience again. 

originalRUSH: Hillary Clinton says that she has a lot of experience dealing with men who sometimes get off the reservation in the way they behave and how they speak?  She's the most cheated-on woman in America.  And then she says she's not gonna deal with their temper tantrums and their bullying?  Well, who is she talking about that's gone off the reservation on her?  Holy smokes here.

RUSH: Here is a guy who everybody thinks is the establishment and was the preferred and chosen vehicle for the establishment to regain the White House, who's now questioning the very existence of this establishment?  "There is no secret squirrel society." Don't believe what you've heard about Skull and Bones. Don't believe what you've heard about the New World Order.  The media people far more powerful than even the Chamber of Commerce?  Now, you know why they may think that?

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