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TRUMP: It's catastrophic what's going on.  I left small businesses a little while ago and they were all complaining that Obamacare is putting them out of business. Not only the regulations, which are a disaster and the taxes, but Obamacare is putting them out of business.

RUSH: Yesterday on this program I discussed the 1980 election, Ronaldus Magnus and Jimmy Carter, and in it I described the election night coverage that night and how I will never forget it. Because this was the election that they called it for Reagan before California had even closed the polls, it was such a landslide.  Yet the last polling data going into the election in 1980 had Jimmy Carter winning by nine points.  And so Cookie went back to the archives and got a bunch of audio from John Chancellor, Judy Woodruff, Tom Brokaw and David Brinkley on NBC's election night coverage of 1980 simply because of the way I had described it

RUSH: We need to stop for a second, because this is outrageous, and it ought to have everybody in this country up in arms. By all rights, everybody in this country ought to be flipping mad and feeling betrayed and lied to by the Democrat Party and by Obama -- and, by extension, Hillary Clinton ought to be in deep trouble because she's out there advocating this thing. She's out there defending it...  Obama did not fail.  We're on the way to single-payer, government-run health care sooner than anybody imagined. 

RUSH:   You have to be able to see Elizabeth Warren attacking Trump for calling Hillary nasty, then you have to be able to think, "Wait a minute.  Hillary Clinton married to somebody that raped somebody and abused other women and then Hillary came out, came to destroy those other women." If you can't think that way, then you're not even gonna reach the point of being outraged. 

RUSH: He admitted that he's being advised not to respond to this criticism, but he thinks it's important to correct the record early so that a negative impression doesn't fester from the beginning.  From the moment the charge is made, he thinks it's worth it... He's doing it for strategic reasons, not narcissistic, ego-type reasons.  And I found that to be an interesting admission. 

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