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RUSH: What I have noticed is, the more trauma in a TV show -- the more personal trauma, the more suffering -- the better.  These young Millennials, they love television shows and movies depicting stress, posttraumatic stress disorder, trauma. The worse the better, the suffering. And the purpose of television these days, for them, is to demonstrate how to cope with all of this.  And the reason that they enjoy this, I have concluded, is 'cause that's what their lives are today.

RUSH:  Mercedes Schlapp is, obviously, quite brilliant.  In order to find out why Trump voters do what they do, she came here, she turned on this program.  You want to find out why certain people vote certain ways, you want to find out why the American people think the way they do, tune in to this show.  Imagine if all the Republican consultants did that.  Can you imagine? No, seriously, Snerdley, if every Republican consultant tuned into this program to get an idea of the thinking of the Republican base and mainstream America, can you imagine how much it would help them? 

RUSH: That's what United Nations is for.  It's made up of people who think the United States is too rich and doesn't share enough.  And since we don't share it, it has to be taken from us.  We happen to have a president now, we've elected a president who happens to agree with 'em.  That's what's new.  We have a president who agrees with those people. 

RUSH: The narrative is that Trump lies and makes things up -- or, worse, Trump just is ignorant and doesn't know and will believe anything anybody tells him, and he'll combine that with his own racism and prejudice and roll on down the highway with it. And to them, that equals mass danger that they have to stop.  But they can't.  And the realization that they can't stop it is what causes them to double down on their efforts to separate you from your support for Trump.  And what they don't get is all they're doing is solidifying the support. They're not talking anybody out of it.  

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