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RUSH: No matter how many times they say the word "free," no matter how many times they concoct misleading names like "single payer," "universal health care," whatever, you are going to pay for it one way or the other... When New York comes along and says the way we're gonna fund our new single payer health plan is with a new payroll tax where the employer will pay 80% and the employee will only pay 20, you're gonna pay a hundred percent of it, folks.

RUSH: When a dork like Bernie Sanders can move in there and take points away from Hillary, they're worried.  Martin O'Malley is lurking out there with his abs and his pecs all flexed and ready to go. And Elizabeth Warren is out there on the warpath, too.  Don't doubt me that they're worried, and it's gonna flavor the way they do things with her.

RUSH: Let's go to the liberal Mecca of San Francisco, where we find black women represent about 6% of the city's population, and yet they account for nearly half of all female arrests.  Well, taking what we've learned, say in Baltimore, for example, I guess we are to conclude from this that the people that run San Francisco are a bunch of racists, and they're biased and they're prejudiced against black women.

RUSH:  Do I love youth.  I have to tell you, your attitude on this is so refreshing. You said you're 21? That means that you are not yet tainted. You have not yet become jaundiced. You still are bright-eyed and open-eyed and optimistic about the Republican Party and its chances, and I want to applaud you, because your attitude about this is exactly right.  You see the possibility that a Supreme Court could rule practically the guts of Obamacare unconstitutional, and you see nothing but an opportunity.


RUSH:  All hell is breaking loose in Baltimore again.  And Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney, the mayor, it's an absolute mess.  Crime is just out of control, running rampant.  The cops are sitting idly by, not doing anything, which is what the administration wants them to do.  In fact, just these Drudge Report headlines...

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When the Democrats passed Obamacare, they knew nobody'd be able to afford it on their own without subsidies, without the government paying part of the cost.  And they required the states to set up exchanges in order for people to get subsidies.  This was way to force the states onto all of Obamacare. 


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