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The United Auto Workers were recently polled; 25 percent are supporting Donald Trump. Union president Dennis Williams tried to spin it. He said the more his members are “educated,” the more they’ll understand why the UAW endorsed Hillary Clinton.

RUSH: I was trying to watch this thing not falling into the trap of watching it within the confines and through the prism of how we usually watch these. Trump changes all of this. Every day of the campaign, Trump changes this.  And you can say whatever you want about Trump missing golden opportunities, whiffing at hanging curveballs, letting Hillary off the hook, the rigged nature of the moderator and so forth.  But one thing came through crystal clear last night:  Donald Trump showed everybody and reminded many that he is not of the system. He is not a Washington insider, and he is not responsible for any of the mess or messes that exist today.... I don't expect to be listened to on this.  But what the Drive-Bys and the people that create these narratives don't understand is Trump... When they see Trump on defense, when they see Trump in a defensive posture, his supporters see Trump attacking.  His supporters see Trump defending in ways the Republican Party hasn't in a long time.  They see Trump standing up for them.  They see Trump standing up for himself. They see Trump standing up against Hillary and throwing it right back at her.  

RUSH: Hillary Clinton was condescending. She was rolling her eyes at times. She was clearly insulting Trump by looking like she thought he was an idiot.  People notice this stuff, like Algore sighing throughout the first debate he had with George W. Bush.  And every Drive-By Media inside-the-Beltway establishment member is gonna miss all of this because they judge these debates on words, rhetoric.

RUSH: I just wanted to share with you the examples of these "fact checks" because this has become a campaign plank. The idea that Trump needs to be fact-checked is nothing more than a phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock 'n' roller technique to allow journalism to do opinion hits on Trump...

RUSH: Trump got beat up for this last night, for having the sniffles.  He didn't have the sniffles last night.  Because I am a highly trained broadcast specialist who understands the technology here.  That's how Trump was breathing.  They have positioned the mic -- I don't know -- not charging anything here, but his mic was positioned in such a way that you were able to hear him inhale. 


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