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RUSH: There's this from Salon.  Folks, I have two stories in Salon.com that I have to share with you before the program ends.  One of them here, "It Must Stop Now: The Media Cannot Allow Trump to Make This Election About Bill Clinton."  Salon's had it. Salon's sending out a plea, a warning, a demand to the Drive-By Media to shut this Trump stuff up about the Clintons. But the other Salon story: "Donald Trump Is Going to Win: This Is Why Hillary Clinton Can't Defeat What Trump Represents."

RUSH: Cokie Roberts says white women are gonna be the determining factor in the election.  Might that statement not tick off African-American women?  And Hispanic women?  But that's incidental. The money quote here is, "Women will be very upset if they think that another woman is being blamed for her husband's infidelities."  Now, is that what Trump is saying?  Trump isn't saying that.  Trump is saying she enabled him.  

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Hillary Clinton’s long march to the Democrat Party nomination is wrapping up. She’s only about 90 delegates away from clinching. But with her track record of losing primaries, Hillary was probably right to say “no” to one last debate with Crazy Bernie before the California primary.


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