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RUSH: You may have had heard two or three Republican presidential candidates say, "Hey, you know, I fought the good fight like everybody else did. But the court has spoken, and gay marriage is now the law of the land, and we must move on. We must drop it."  That is an out, I think.  I think that's an excuse.  That's an excuse for somebody who's really telling you they don't want the fight.  And that's not what we need, folks. I'm telling you, going into 2016 and beyond, we don't want and don't need people who are not willing to fight and stand up for what we believe in, stand up for the founding of this country.  "It's now the law of the land" is an out. 

RUSH: That Supreme Court decision that Kennedy wrote is basically all about self-esteem and dignity. That's why Scalia openly wrote he would be embarrassed to sign his name to a majority opinion such as that written by Anthony Kennedy on the gay marriage business. Esteem and dignity and freedom-of-intimacy and all this stuff.  Make no mistake, this... I mean, you can say it was political and is, but this is a quest for happiness that has eluded people. It's a quest for normalcy that's eluded people. It's a quest... And this is not gonna provide that. 

RUSH: There's no legal basis to stop it now.  There is no intellectually honest way to distinguish the reasoning on gay marriage from applying the same reasoning to supporting polygamy. Because it was all rooted in self-esteem and dignity and not being denied things that make you happy.  The Supreme Court decision on marriage was not about any particular number of people in a relationship.  It did not assume, in other words, that marriage is of two people.  It did not accept that limit.

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