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Democrats Think You're Stupid

RUSH: Here is Dennis in Denver. You're next on the program, sir. It's great to have you here.CALLER: Thank you very much. I've got a very simple question that I would love your opinion on.RUSH: Sure.CALLER: Does the president -- and Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and anybody that wants to support the health care bill in its current incarnation -- realize that if they ram it down the American public's throat, they are declaring war on the American public? Or do you think they realize it and really...

Emulate Texas, Not California!

RUSH: Jason in New Braunfels, Texas, it's great to have on you the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Hey, Rush, how are you?RUSH: Fine. Thank you.CALLER: I hereby volunteer Texas for that study.RUSH: Oh-ho. Texas doesn't really need it, does it?CALLER: No, and that's my point.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: I told Bo I'd get right to the point so I will. I wanted to ask you about two things, two key points.RUSH: Yeah.CALLER: First one being, I think people are putting way, way too much faith in a Republican...

Stupak Says No to Obama's Bill

RUSH: Now, to illustrate something, we've all heard, ad infinitum (sobbing), "It's those damn Republicans! The Republicans are the party of 'no.' That's why Obama can't get his monument! That's why Obama can't get health care, because the Republicans are the party of 'no.'" We heard Evan Bayh say, "I can't get along here, too much gridlock. There's no bipartisanship," and I was pulling my hair out. You guys have all the votes! Up until Scott Brown came along, and that's just a month ago, you guys...

Rush Baby's Professor Rips Rush

RUSH: Andrea on line two in Tampa, Florida. I'm glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.CALLER: Thank you so much, Rush. It's a pleasure to talk to you.RUSH: You bet.CALLER: I'm 25 years old, and I've been listening to you since I was nine, and you have been one of the greatest public speakers I have ever listened to ever. You have guided me politically, and you have helped inform me of things that weren't just on TV, 'cause you know everything on the news is biased and AM radio...

Liberals Attempt to Drive a Wedge Between Brown and Conservatives

RUSH: Well, the Drive-Bys, ladies and gentlemen, are trying to stir up trouble between me and Scott Brown. I know this trap, trick, tactic. I've seen it employed countless times. What they're trying to do is suggest here... Well, they want to convince Scott Brown that he's now hated on the right because I "hate" him, and they're trying to turn him around on his vote for health care. They're trying to say, "Look, Brown! Look at what these evil, right-wing guys are saying about you. They hate...

Bev Scolds Your Host for Not Ripping the Republicans Enough

RUSH: This is Bev in Willow City, North Dakota. Great to have you on the EIB Network. How are you?CALLER: Hello, Rush, I'm great and I'm sure happy to be able to talk to you. But I got kind of a bone to pick with you. Last two days I've been listening to you and you kind of made me almost doggone mad. My family teased me because I listen to you so much. But how come on Monday you had to go after Glenn Beck because he's talked about the Republicans sharing the responsibility for this economic...

Flashback '05: Democrats Decried "Nuclear Option" They Now Plan to Use to Pass Obamacare in Senate

RUSH: Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, "the nuclear option"? You remember what that was? It's so fuzzed up now that no one remembers really what it means or for what it was intended. But overriding all of this is the Senate filibuster rule that outside of budget bills, the Senate requires 60 votes to stop debate and go to a final floor vote to pass a bill. We all know this. Now, trying to make sense out of filibusters and reconciliation, the so-called nuclear option, the bottom line is...

Rush Accepts Responsibility for Kornheiser's Suspension by ESPN

RUSH: Tony Kornheiser on his radio show said this recently and has been suspended for two weeks because of it.KORNHEISER: I'd like to point out Hannah Storm in a horrifying, horrifying outfit today. She's got on red go-go boots and a Catholic school plaid skirt way too short for somebody in her forties or maybe early fifties by now, and she's got on her typically very, very tight shirt so she looks like she's got sausage casing wrapped around her upper body. I'm not supposed to be critical of...

Travel to Greece, See Our Future

RUSH: I've been doing some commercials lately for Carbonite and I'm going to have to change one of the things in there that I have been saying because I've been saying there's one thing you can learn right now about time travel, and that is, it ain't possible. Sorry, it is. Time travel is now possible. If you want to see America's future, book a flight to Greece. Get off and stay there a couple days, and then if you can find an airline that's still flying, or if you are alive after all the protests...

Chutzpah! Democrats Grill Toyota

RUSH: Well, we're going on now the second day grilling of "Toyota" as Henry "Nostrilitis" Waxman refers to the company. Does anybody really doubt, ladies and gentlemen, that Toyota does a good job making safe, affordable cars? I mean there's so many of them out there, does anybody doubt they have done their best to kowtow to the environmentalist wackos? So why the Spanish Inquisition, why is this happening? There's only one thing that Toyota does wrong and that is they don't hire UAW workers...

Rush's Morning Update: State of States February 25, 2010

Rush's Morning Update: State of StatesFebruary 25, 2010Watch It! Download Morning Update Video in QuickTimeListen to It! Windows Media Player|RealPlayer Folks, the financial state of most of these United States is dismal. According to a new report from the Nelson Rockefeller Institute of Government, states' tax revenues last year were down for a fifthstraight quarter;it's the longest period of declines since the Great Depression. Prospects for a quick turnaround are also dismal. Why? Well,...

Wednesday Quotes: Leader of the Opposition

You're Missing Out on Thousands of Rush Quotes! Join Rush 24/7 NOW!"You know what Harry Reid's campaign slogan is? 'Vote for me or my wife gets beat up.'" "Does anybody doubt that Toyota has done their best to kowtow to the environmentalist wackos? So why the Spanish Inquisition? There's only one thing that Toyota does wrong, and that is they don't hire UAW workers and pay 'em an average salary of 73 grand, including benefits.""Time travel is now possible. If you want to see America's future,...

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page

Story #1:Geithner: Spending and "Austerity" a Delicate BalanceRUSH: Timothy Geithner, the Treasury secretary, testified today before the House Budget Committee, and he "assured lawmakers Wednesday that stimulus spending to spur the economy now isn't in conflict with a need for longer-term austerity." Folks, we are doomed. "'Without growth, we cannot begin the process of restoring fiscal responsibility,' the secretary said in prepared remarks. He offered a forceful endorsement of administration...


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