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Some of the topics we're loaded with today:
Cain Wins FL Straw Poll || Obama to Blacks: "Stop Whining"
|| Fears Mount of Greek Default || Gold Plunges

Obama to Blacks: Stop Complainin'

RUSH: During his speech before the Black Congressional Caucasians, Obama had a number of slips of the tongue... And then during his same speech to the Black Congressional Caucasians, he said, "I listen to some of y'all.  Stop complainin'.  Stop grumblin'.  Stop cryin'."  You could tell he was trying to sound down for the struggle.

Barack Obama Came to Divide: Black from White, Human from Alien, Jew Janitor from Gentile Janitor

RUSH: Remember, folks, we were told that Obama would be the first postracial president, postpartisan president? Instead, what do we get? He's not our postracial president; he is our MOST racial president! He's the MOST racial president that we've ever had. He is the MOST partisan president we've ever had. There's nothing POST about him. He's MOST, in all of these categories.

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Myth of Clinton's Moderation

CALLER: For crying out loud, we have Hannity giving Bill Clinton credit for "moving to the center." He didn't "move to the center;" he was dragged to the center! He didn't do anything. We have our own people saying they are giving him credit for welfare reform.

RUSH: Yeah, it's kind of like when's last time you heard about "hamburger-flipping jobs" or when was the last time you heard about the homeless.

An Independent Gets Mail from Dems

CALLER:  Okay.  I'm a registered Independent and, since February of this year, I have received eight mailings of two- and three-page letters from the Democratic National Committee, three signed by the president, two signed by Pelosi, and three or four other men associated with that group, all asking for bread.


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